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Good living room workouts for beginners?

Out of shape beginner here! 👋🏻 Looking for good living room workouts that I can keep up with that aren’t super expensive. I tried some free Zumba workouts but wasn’t so great at keeping up with the footwork. 🤣 Thanks for any recommendations!


  • LazyNightOwl
    LazyNightOwl Posts: 166 Member
    Try fitness blender. They have great videos
  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,644 Member
    I like Leslie Sansone Walk at Home videos.
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
    MidlifeCrisisFitness Posts: 1,106 Member
    My wife likes bikini body mama
  • DancingMoosie
    DancingMoosie Posts: 8,619 Member
    I've been searching through YouTube. There's a lot out there. When you see something you like, subscribe to that channel. I have befit, popsugar, Yvette Bachman, Joanna soh, fit outside the box, Jenny Ford, walk at home...
  • AnnofB
    AnnofB Posts: 3,591 Member
    Jessica Smith has strength and aerobic workouts on youtube. And someone mentioned Leslie Sansone, also lot's of her stuff on youtube. You don't need much space to do the workouts and they aren't highly choreographed. Neither are Jessica's.

    There's a Leslie Sansone group here, if you are interested.
  • lrhodes907
    lrhodes907 Posts: 8 Member
    Thanks everyone! I will check these out. 🤗
  • BuffaloChixSalad
    BuffaloChixSalad Posts: 98 Member
    I do pop pilates with Cassie Ho. Blogilates is the name and she has videos for every body part you would like to work. I love her because she makes it fun