Will a quarantine affect your physical and mental health?

Aside from the possibility of actually getting the virus, how worried are you about other health effects of living in quarantine?

Part of the reason I was able to be successful in my weight loss was the fact that I work long hours, typically 6 days a week and up to 14 hours a day. This didn't leave me much time for snacking or extra meals, so some adjustments to the meals I was already eating was all that it took to reach my goal weight.

Now I'm at home indefinitely, trying to "work from home", but I'm limited in what I can do remotely. So, I'm kind of bored, and unfortunately, I'm a notorious bored-eater. There's only so much I can keep myself busy with around the house, and only so many walks around the neighborhood I can take. I'm definitely worried, that after 3 years of maintaining my weight loss, this situation may cause me to regain some weight.

I'm still being paid while I work from home, but my husband is a freelancer, so he has no work right now. He filed for unemployment benefits yesterday. Did I mention I'm also a stress-eater?

I'm also worried about friends and family who have issues with depression and OCD. I'm trying my best to keep in touch and check in with everyone, but I don't feel comfortable visiting a lot of people right now.

What is everyone doing to stay healthy, physically and mentally, during this situation?


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    Nope. I'm fortunate that I can work from home. I live in a subdivision of a smaller city that has sidewalks and minimal traffic were I can walk/bike without getting within 6 ft of people, especially now the weather is getting better. Have some exercise equipment, that while I will miss my gym I can do a bunch of stuff in the 3rd stall of the garage.