Need friends in these crazy times of staying at home

I'm so going to get crazy in these times of staying at home and not working.

I neeeeeed friends who can motivate me to workout from home and just keep me sane.



  • Ryry_78
    Ryry_78 Posts: 15 Member
    me x2 !!! we got this
  • rrcommander30
    rrcommander30 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey new here but can’t give in to that little voice that says there’s always tomorrow let’s get after it
  • Pbgbudman66
    Pbgbudman66 Posts: 24 Member
    No staying home yet in Florida plus I work for a beer distributor so hoots keep stores full!
    But I can motivated
  • KwilsonStPeteFL
    KwilsonStPeteFL Posts: 27 Member
    Stuck working from home and attempting to not eat the contents of my fridge on the first day
  • KY_Angler
    KY_Angler Posts: 61 Member
    Stuck working from home and attempting to not eat the contents of my fridge on the first day

    It looks like I'll be working from home and I've already started worrying about this, lol.
  • jstrick20
    jstrick20 Posts: 34 Member
    happy to help support and motivate--feel free to add me....
  • SpinforCals
    SpinforCals Posts: 106 Member
    We are all going to get thru this, fit and fab too
  • guil0095
    guil0095 Posts: 326 Member
    You got this girl :heart:
  • mary_lou_rios
    mary_lou_rios Posts: 45 Member
    You not alone - I retired last October well before my time and I’m finding it hard to get my steps in- and unfortunately I converted my dining area into a gym- need some motivation too
  • richr196
    richr196 Posts: 16 Member
    Please add me as I need more friends anyway. Any runners would be great. Thank you !
  • andreasd1962
    andreasd1962 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m also working from home and it’s way too easy to just plant myself infront of my laptop and not move at all. I’ve stopped listening to the news non-stop and instead have opted to listen to Spotify non-stop while working. Once or twice every hour, I get up and dance :) A little bit of activity is better than none.
  • Pbgbudman66
    Pbgbudman66 Posts: 24 Member
    Think Positive thoughts
    You got this!

    Stay away from the fridge!😂
  • DaisheaBoo
    DaisheaBoo Posts: 121 Member
    Wish I was staying home :( ... anywho ADD ME!
  • foster1503
    foster1503 Posts: 391 Member
    Add me. Be my first friend
  • j_Sparks_01
    j_Sparks_01 Posts: 26 Member
    Hi all! Add me! I can use some friends too. Florida here.
  • DFN09
    DFN09 Posts: 2 Member
    edited March 2020
    Also needs friends stuck at home. I’m working from home and stir crazy.
  • newlife0516
    newlife0516 Posts: 83 Member
    Please feel free to add me. I’m on everyday.
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 7,969 Member
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