Best Bang for the buck workout Equipment to buy for a home gym? (off Amazon)

I have like $80 in credit on the site. I also have an empty balcony with spring and summer just on the horizon. The gyms are closed down, and likely will be for months amidst covid19. So a balcony gym sounds like a good idea. If people wanted to suggest the best bang for buck home equipment on, or just had any strong suggestions, I would appreciate it. I wanted to get a pull-up bar, but I don't think it would work for any doorways in my apartment as none of them have outer frames. Don't want to use the one that screw in I think. Have to look into it more.

I believe dumbbell bars would be smart as I do have cobweb-ed weights in my parents basement. Maybe a dip station? I'm not limited to $80, but just want what's most worth it.

So far this combo pull-up/dip station:

And these dumbbell bars:

Seem like the smartest options, but I will take any suggestions :)


  • Theoldguy1
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    Suspension trainer TRX or equivalent. Mount to rafters if possible.
  • tulips_and_tea
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    I'm definitely a TRX fan as well, however, since you mentioned not being able to install a pull-up bar, I'm not sure it would work but they are versatile and take up little space when not in use.

    Free weights and dumbbells are always a good idea.
  • jjpptt2
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    Theoldguy1 wrote: »
    Suspension trainer TRX or equivalent. Mount to rafters if possible.


    Then running shoes.
  • cupcakesandproteinshakes
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    I just maxed out on some powerblock adjustable dumbbells they are very pricey but have good reviews. I put em on my credit card. I’m intending to carry on with my lifting programme and then run and cycle outdoors.
  • yirara
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    A good floormat, and then do bodyweight exercises? Maybe add a pullup bar. Endless variations, no boredom.
  • MaltedTea
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    I have the same pull-up bar predicament 😤. There are some good rowers if cost is no object.

    I'm lazy and prefer workouts with full body exercise, compound movements and/or supersets. For that reason anything I'd suggest to you would be along those lines.

    Lower price point than the rower? Personally, I'm going to opt for the smaller size of my "Dimok aqua bag." Amazon (Canada) has chosen the following description/title:

    "Workout Sandbag Alternative Aqua Bag Training Weight Bag Sandbags for Fitness - Crossfit Water Weights Full Body Exercise Equipment - Comes w Pump"

    I've had the biggest one since last winter and 😍 it to bits.

    Other options available on Amazon:
    * Adjustable bench
    * Vertical climber / Maxi climber
    * "Extreme Slide Board Pro" (I'm Canadian and we all want to be hockey players)
    * Boxing punching pad

    Whether you get something off Amazon or not, as long as you keep moving and your spirits up you'll be ahead of the game!
  • BeyoutifulB
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    I have had the bow flex select tech dumbbells and just recently I bought a set of dumbbells off of OfferUp. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the dumbbell set was by far the greater deal. More pricey but in the long term worth it as iron doesn’t need a warranty and will last me most likely forever vs the adjustable dumbbells that will last you maybe three years.
  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
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    A captains chair with pull up bar and set of dumbbells
  • JJordon
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    Ive owned and resold a pair of Bowflex SelectTechs, and owned a set of Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells. But Powerblocks beats them all with the ability to change weight quickly and doesnt take up much real estate, and the commercial versions go up to 175 lbs per hand and the normal expansion iterations go up to 90 lbs per hand.
  • Theoldguy1
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  • Theoldguy1
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    JimDew wrote: »

    I’m a proponent of these, but understand if they won’t work on your balcony.

    Outstanding for core and upper body.

    Have a set of those I (used to) take to gym, love them. Hang them on Smith machine for pushups and rows.
  • ccrdragon
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    Don't know about your area but around here amazon has stopped shipments on all non-essential items... you might just want to go with bodyweight exercises.
  • flynntrader
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    You have to wait months now because everyone is buying
  • Spadesheart
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    I didn't realize this got a bunch of replies recently!

    As stated above, yup, everyone started buying off of Amazon to a point where the expected shipping dates were months in the future. So, I think I'll have to save the credit.

    I found an online retailer for exercise equipment in Canada with prices actually better than Amazon.

    Luckily, I have about 2-300 pounds of standard free weights in my parents basement, so realistically, I actually should be able to make a decent program.

    What I ended up buying was 2 18 inch dumbbell bars, 1 60 inch straight bar, and 48 square feet of high density foam, 1/2 inch floor matting so I don't drive my neighbors nuts. With the shipping and tax it came up to around 120 CAD. Should be here (hopefully) by next week. As I said, I already had the weights, and what appears to be a tricep bar?

    From what I see of the dumbbell bars I purchased, each one should be able to handle over 150 pounds, so I should be able to do something like a trap bar deadlift for legs; heavy leg movements were something I was afraid I wouldn't be able to effectively simulate at home so that's great. I'm sure there will be some other creative solutions that I will run into.

    I like to do an upper lower split, if anyone has any strong suggestions based on the equipment I will soon have.

    If this continues much longer, I will try to find a solution for upper body compound lifts. Dips and pull-ups are I think really important from a functional standpoint. I'm only a few feet off they ground in my apartment so maybe the people above me would let me hang something off their balcony lol.

    Thank you so much for your help guys, and if you have any further suggestions, please let me know!