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Hello everyone! I am vegan but have been more on the junk food side of things. I'm ready to go plant-based and see what happens. Thank you ahead of time for your support as we go on our individual journeys together!


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    Hey katbelle48

    I am also vegetarian and trying to transition into veganism. I love eating a plant based diet that incorporates lots of fresh produce, grains and legumes and I feel so much than I did in years. Don't feel bad about the whole junk food thing. You have made a commitment to change into a healthier lifestyle and the hardest part is done. I'd love to add you as a friend and we can encourage and support each other. You can do this 💪
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    @katbelle48 where are you based? I'd recommend you grab a copy of the No Meat Athlete recipe book if you can, the food is great, most is easy to follow and if you google no meat athlete calories there is a link to a page which tells you all the nutritional stats per meal. I've added plenty on MFP already.

    In the UK, we also have a book called Bosh, this is great for recipes as well, some healthy, some not so, but they have some very good things in there to try.