60 and up please

I need to get serious again about my physical health. I would kindly appreciate some new committed friends for support. Thank you!


  • WagsTowson
    WagsTowson Posts: 30 Member
    Please add me, I'm about 170, and trying for 150. I'm age 61, so not sure more than 20lbs more is possible I've lost about 18 already as I was nearly 190 last June. I have stalled out over the last few weeks and hit the dreaded plateau! I really could use a friend or two on the journey. Tomorrow I am committed to a long walk and/or a 45 min workout! Ask me how I did please...

    Tell me your goals.
  • IWTBF67
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    I sent you a friend request.
  • unbelievable60
    unbelievable60 Posts: 4 Member
    I am 64 and just started in again, it is time to get healthy for the best part of my life... I would love to be friends!