345 down to 221. If I can do it, you for sure can !

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Let me make this as quick and short as possible. This all happened while I was incarcerated. When I was incarcerated they weighed me in at 345! now i don’t know if that was a true reading but that’s what the scale said. After I was incarcerated I became slightly obsessed with counting calories. Only because our meals would mostly consist of bread, bread, cookies and more bread along with only being able to buy junk food like chips, cakes , instant noodles and more junk. I thought to myself “this can’t be healthy, I’d for sure gain more weight eating like this.” But being all I had and my current situation, I had no choice but to eat what they would serve, so to counter that I decided to start reading labels and looking at my calorie intake. I didn’t know much about calories and weight loss but only that the recommended was 2,000 cal a day so I just made sure to stay under that number. Before you know it the weight just started melting off, I went in there on September 12 2019 at 345 and came out on March 3 2020 at 235! And I’m still doing it till this day with the help of this app and now I’m weighing in at 221. I can’t stress enough how counting your calories really play a big part in weight loss. Stay focused, stay strong , and happy counting!



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    Wow !!
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    Your friends and family must've been so confused. Would be interesting perhaps for others if you share any more of your advice losing weight on a high-carb eating regime: that goes against the grain (<-- see what I did there?) of most popular diets.

    If there's a will, there's a way.
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    Looking amazing! You found a way with your given situation and still made it work without excuses.
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    Good job! Did you do any exercises?
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    You look amazing!