Eating less than the app suggests

If u eat less than the app suggests for u, do u lose more? Please answer


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    Well, if you're reasonable about it, you certainly can do it safely and you will accelerate weight loss. When I do a strict cut, I set the app to "sedentary," 1lb per week loss, and then add in my workouts. I aim to eat fewer calories than is suggested, partially because the exercise cals are sometimes a bit overestimated and partially to accelerate the weight loss above 1lb per week. In general, it works well.

    But, once you get into the long game and are within 10lbs of a healthy maintenance level, there's not much need for accelerated loss. The point is to right-size your eating to fuel your life and maintain your weight, rather than going on a crash diet every few months.

    Best of luck!
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    I hope that the OP comes back, and responded to some of the questions. Lots of great insight through out this thread.
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    I will lose at first but then stop if I don’t eat enough