New, overwhelmed and have a LOT to lose

Hi, I'm Dawn. I'm 23 years old and I have three children. I have eight stone to lose and right now that feels impossible but I am hoping that with the right support, I will get there one day at a time. I'd love to speak and support others that are in my boat or have a lot to lose, I'm quite chatty and will always be supportive. Please send me an add and we can shed this weight together.


  • QuadNutz
    QuadNutz Posts: 8 Member
    Welcome. I’ll be a support.
  • MegABCrunning
    MegABCrunning Posts: 31 Member
    Here for you girl! Let’s do it!
  • KellieSN
    KellieSN Posts: 24 Member
    Feel free to add me, I have a 10month old and am aiming to lose 4stone. First time mother in my mid-30s and very conscious of the fact I'm not very healthy anymore.
  • loulouburke
    loulouburke Posts: 20 Member
    I have 4 kids and about 15 more to lose. I would love to cheer you on;)