Looking for mostly wfpb/vegan pals

Quarantine got me slipping into old snacking habits! So back to the accountability reset tool of MFP! Add me if you eat mostly this way and want another pal. Good job everybody and keep fighting the good fight!


  • HufflepuffJo9
    HufflepuffJo9 Posts: 52 Member
    I’m vegan 🌱🤩 feel free to add me!!
  • FatOnRocks
    FatOnRocks Posts: 9 Member
    Hello, fellow vegan here 🥑
  • MegABCrunning
    MegABCrunning Posts: 31 Member
    I’m a vegetarian (rare dairy intake)!! Vegan is my goal and it will happen soon!
  • evilwitchvegan
    evilwitchvegan Posts: 17 Member
    Vegan here too
  • vallynn5683
    vallynn5683 Posts: 1 Member
    Plant based here! I am looking for some buddies too. I'm getting frustrated with my weight loss and all of my friends just want to give me a lecture on how I need chicken or fish *eyeroll*
  • hollsull
    hollsull Posts: 1 Member
    Vegan, Whole Food, Plant Based, but still struggling with weight.
  • Holly92154
    Holly92154 Posts: 119 Member
    edited May 2020
    Vegan, whole food. A year and a half into my weight loss journey and I'm struggling with the last 14 lbs. However, I'm still hanging in there 😁
  • phinlvr
    phinlvr Posts: 1 Member
    Just started vegan for health reasons (lower cholesterol) then COVID19 hit. Struggling. Don't go to the grocery store very much (twice since March). Having to go back to old meat and dairy just to get through. Don't like Tofu (tried it fried - UGGH). Would be nice to be a part of a group.
  • Smilee3233
    Smilee3233 Posts: 108 Member
    Vegan, pushing towards whole food plant based. Lots of weight to lose. It would be nice to have a healthy eating group create some challenges.
  • riffwalkdale
    riffwalkdale Posts: 241 Member
    I eat mostly vegan.
  • cardiaclearner
    cardiaclearner Posts: 14 Member
    I would like to to connect to other plant based eaters too.
    Have been a whole food plant based eater for almost a year & loving it. 😀
  • thegreatcoyote
    thegreatcoyote Posts: 76 Member
    Thanks guys I added yall! If it weren't for nuts and salty bedtime snacks I wouldn't need to count calories but I guess I just gotta accept reality and log everything everyday.

  • ButICouldNeverBeRaw
    ButICouldNeverBeRaw Posts: 16 Member
    I’m a WFPB vegan most days. Feel free to add me. 😊
  • kkcoker3
    kkcoker3 Posts: 2 Member
    I would like to join the group as well -- I've been mostly WFPB for a year - I feel better but have not had luck losing weight.