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I am looking for a half rack and barbell, but everything is out of stock. Looks like dumbbells are gone as well. What is a guy to do?



  • zackboomer
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    Buy it used, no point in buying new lifting equipment
  • allother94
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    Nothing on Craigslist nor play it again sports. It’s all scooped up due to corona...
  • ccrdragon
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    I haev found the following will work in a pinch:

    Go to your local hardware store. Buy 3-4 5-gallon buckets, a piece of iron pipe (3-4 feet should do it) and a couple of bags of cement. Mix the cement in the buckets - you can weigh out the amount that you mix since cement loses very little weight as it cures - to get different weights to use. Stand the pipe in one of the buckets while the cement cures and then repeat the process with another bucket to create a long bar for things like standing rows and squats, and the other buckets can be used for curls and such (as long as you don't get them too heavy for the handles). You will want the pipe to be threaded on both ends to screw on end caps - this will help to keep the pipe from pulling out of the cement once it cures.
  • MaltedTea
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    Maybe check in with this forum thread or this one. There's a whack of people in both who have made their own stuff for serious lifting.