Depression during the quarantine

I’ve been pretty depressed and having a hard time to find motivation to work out. I feel so sluggish and am having a hard time getting out of bed/not eat like crap. Any advice?


  • MegABCrunning
    MegABCrunning Posts: 31 Member
    OMG girl, I was feeling the exact same way. First thing I’ll tell you is NOT to put too much pressure on yourself. I would wake up and all I would think about was my work my, my work out, my work out and it would seriously give me anxiety. I work out quite often but once the depression started to kick in, I stopped. SO, the way I bounced back was to start really slow. Usually I would run 3 miles, but I started with just 0.5. I did simple, easy work outs like a 40 second on, 15 second off HIIT work out for only 10 min. I started slow and then slowly increased more distance and more time. Hang in there girl, many many of us are feeling it too. You’re not alone in this!