Lacking motivation

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Working out is my jam. I am in very good shape. I love to spin and lift. I am continuing to workout at home during the pandemic but I a struggling to do so. I can’t ride as hard for some reason and lifting is a chore. My home gym is in my unfinished basement and it is a little gloomy down there. Anyone else struggling with motivation while we are on lockdown?


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    Nope. I'm doing what I want to do. What other possible motivation could there be. I want to work out, I like how I feel after I work out, I like how I look when I'm working out. IF "working out is my (your) jam" and you "love to spin" I don't understand the problem. What kind of a push do you need to do something you LOVE?
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    I am having the same issue. I usually workout at home so my gym hasn't changed but I just don't have the same push I always do. I don't look forward to it but dread my workout days. I think it's a combination of not eating well, not looking my best, not sleeping, feeling discouraged with my results and being so busy and drained with 3 kids at home.

    However I still show up and get it done. I still progress, I still push myself but I do not love it right now.

    Sometimes music helps, also for me (sounds silly but) wearing makeup, having my hair done, putting on a matching outfit some perfume go a long way
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    I workout out in my unfinished basement and love it..Doesn't mean I don't have days I feel like garbage, but I still push through. Anything is better than nothing. I hate public gyms and group classes. But we all are different.
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    No actually just the opposite for me. I have more "me time" when I train at home where as the gym, my training is interrupted for one reason or another. I also began training with this style forty something years ago so it's a welcomed style.

    I might suggest doing a washout block of your training and see if that helps. Especially but not exclusive for the weight training. Let me know if you need help, and I should be able to give you a template if I have some training history.

    If feel your surroundings have something to do with it, perhaps try to dress the basement towards the perceived mood you desire.
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    @Chieflrg what is a washout block?
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    I upgraded the lighting in my basement with some cost-effective LED strips from amazon and it completely changed the feel of the space. I started using a timer this week to keep from meandering through my workouts and have been loving it.
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    For me I've really struggled this week- part of it is being exhausted from work, but a mind so busy at night I may only be getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night all week.

    I do find though that pre workout, a nice workout outfit that matches or makes me feel good in it, a awesome playlist and opening my blinds in my basement workout room is going a long ways. I also ordered a gym wall decal on Etsy to support a small biz but to give me something to smile/think about when I enter the space.
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    Well, it's perfectly okay to have periods in your training where you aren't going as hard. Even professionals don't press the same amount all year, so if you need to take a period where you're going more casually I don't see anything wrong with that.

    Can you do anything to make your workout space less gloomy?
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    The opposite for me. I have a little more time, but mostly I have far more flexibility with my schedule, so I can focus the hours in the day when I know I'm more energetic/productive on workouts rather than being stuck in the office during that time. I also live in a fat, lazy, and rural town, so I'm able to run and bike just like I normally would.
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    I'm trying some new workouts to keep it interesting and going outside for my "light therapy" and fresh air. I found some Les Mills, Yvette Bachman, fitoutsidethebox, and Sydney Cummings workouts that I like. Maybe trying some new/different workouts will spark your motivation?
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    Motivation is starting to wane for me as well. 4 weeks in and home workouts are for the birds. Even still, something is better than nothing. Progress pics could help with motivation or just getting outside.
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    I definitely miss the gym! My instructors have posted Instagram live workouts and I do them every day, but it's not like being in class and laughing with the participants and making faces and grunting together.

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    sardelsa wrote: »
    @Chieflrg what is a washout block?

    A specific training block used to desensitize the muscles after specific lift/rep training.

    It allows the muscles to respond in a more robust fashion once the original lifts/reps are reintroduced in the following training block if programmed correctly for the individual.

    A added benefit I see in some of my lifters when I program a washout is a spark of interest to more novel training.

    That also gives me data on how sensitive a lifter responds to specific variations or lifts which is very helpful as a coach/trainer to continue progress. Another tool in my box for the individual if you will.

    The nice thing is the possibilities are endless and governed only by creativity of the person programming the washout.
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    I am completely off my normal exercise routine. I have chronic pain from a genetic bone and joint condition and it is a very fine balance of activity that I can manage without making myself worse. I normally swim a few days a week since it’s the thing that hurts me the least. But now that pools are closed I am left with land based exercises that hurt me so much more. I’ve been walking daily but it is getting harder and harder as it’s really hurting me now. I’ve had to cut back a bit. It’s frustrating as heck because I know that I need to exercise or I will just get worse sitting all day long. It’s a Catch-22 for me.

    I do my physio exercises for one hour daily and I’ve been very vigilant about doing them, but the motivation to start is next to nil. It’s probably because I’m hurting all the time.

    In order to get through them, I remind myself that my exercises should help with my swimming. I have also been working towards a goal of being able to get off the ground more easily and not rely on assistance from my husband or using furniture. It will probably take months but I’m determined. Maybe by the time I can do this more easily, the pools will reopen. It would be great to get up off a pool deck with no problems.

    So my advice to people who are not in their usual “exercise element” is to make a goal and then strive to reach it. Keep your usual sporting activity in mind and make a plan to improve some aspect of it by targeting the type of exercises that you are doing in your basement.

    Also. Never take your ability to move your body for granted. It’s a gift. Use it while you still can. And if you can move it pain free, all the better. Take advantage of that and enjoy it.
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    I miss my gym, I was a 5 days a week person while my kids were at school.
    Adjusting has been hard as I don't have the motivation at home
    I have apps on my phone and my own gym in the garage, I've accumulated plenty of work out equipment over the years, so I have no excuse not to excersise.
    It sucks though.
    So far today I've ran 5 miles outside, then I want to do a weights class but I know that's another hour and I've been putting it off until this evening.
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    I’m the opposite. I’ve found some really good Dance and step aerobics classes through Facebook. I’m having fun trying out new moves in my dining room. I don’t usually work out at home so Meyer it’s just the novelty. My lifting is taking a back seat cos I have limited equipment but I’m doing enough to keep it ticking over and hopefully not lost too much muscle.

    You could try something new and see if that sparks your interest. Fingers crossed the gyms reopen soonish......
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    You just pretty much have to put your big boy/girl sweats on and do it. I really miss my gym but have a decent setup in my garage that I have been using. Normally it's decent weather so the door is open, I have music going, etc. This morning it was raining hard and 40 degrees outside (so garage was probably about 50) and couldn't open door due to raining in

    Too a bit but found some good music and got it done.

    Best of luck.
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    pondee629 wrote: »
    Nope. I'm doing what I want to do. What other possible motivation could there be. I want to work out, I like how I feel after I work out, I like how I look when I'm working out. IF "working out is my (your) jam" and you "love to spin" I don't understand the problem. What kind of a push do you need to do something you LOVE?

    Boom. Willpower and motivation are limited resources. Momentum will carry you much further than waiting for motivation ever will.
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    Another possible thing to help motivate would be to find a weakness and concentrate on improving that during this time.

    Most of us could use some more mobility as an example.
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    Thanks for all your replies. I am glad I am not alone in this. I received my certification as a personal trainer just as Coronavirus was hitting so I didn’t get any clients and sure am not getting any now. I am also a spin instructor and again, I am not teaching currently. I moved in February and never really got established in the new town. So, I created a bunch of different workouts (speed, agility, and quickness and functional fitness). I also went to a cheap store that was actually open and bought some mirrors: one for weights and one for my spin bike so I can check my form and improve since I seem to have the time.

    It seems to help me a lot to keep my workout schedule, dress for it and go at it like I was going to the gym. I am still struggling with it and I am not feeling well so I took today off but think I am looking forward to getting back to my workouts.