East Coast Girl

New here! Im super curious how keeping accountable for ALL the calories consumed will impact my overall healthy lifestyle. I’ve never tried keeping count of calories I’m just mindful of what nutrition I allow into my body. I hope this app is a positive addition 🙏❤️✨


  • andresfelipe53
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    What’s helped me in the past is understanding that all days will not be perfect. Personally I do my best when I track everything and plan out days where I’ll eat more/eat out. Just depends on your goals, yah know?
  • ecjim
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    Hi there East Coast Girl - welcome - Eastcoast JIm - I coudn't resist , I got that name years ago
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
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    MFP is great. You can as you say count and measure everything or use your best guess. It depends on what you want from it and what you are trying to accomplish.

    I figure I'm 85% accurate. That was all I needed to lose 35 lbs. Others may desire or need to be more accurate.