Need to be held accountable!

I am looking to be held accountable! I want to have to report my over or under calories each day and my weight each week! The thought of having to admit to someone seems horrible to me and may be the trick I need to make myself actually follow healthier eating and to lose this 20 pounds I’ve put on in the past two years.


  • danibrat470
    danibrat470 Posts: 3 Member
    Hey, this is what I am looking for as well. I need to lose 12-15 lbs, but am blocking it into a smaller goal, 5 lbs in 5 weeks! I’ll try to check in daily.... and will start my report tomorrow!
  • sashimimaniac
    sashimimaniac Posts: 71 Member
    add me if you need a buddy :)
  • FitnessLoveHealth
    FitnessLoveHealth Posts: 10 Member
    Hi 👋 this is what I was looking for! An accountability partner 😀. I would like to lose 20 pounds overall , but I will aim for 14pounds to begin with. I weigh 10 stone 11 pounds (151 pounds ) and want to be 131 .
    I work out daily and eat healthily . Love if you would Add me and we can start together 😀😀
  • MTFit2017
    MTFit2017 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m 52 and in pretty good shape but I’ve gained 20 pounds the last two years and it’s because I got lax on my food rules. I also stopped workout out as much as I was before.
    I’m trying to cut carbs to reduce my tendency to binge when I allow junk food into my life.
    I’m doing keto because it does help with appetite but I also eat too much so it doesn’t lead to weight loss. I need to eat at regular times but right now what is time? The days are a blur.
  • natalieq03
    natalieq03 Posts: 6 Member
    I would love to be held accountable too! Trying to lose those last pesky 10bls so not as big a goal as you but it is something I've been struggling with for months
  • brooklynans910
    brooklynans910 Posts: 7 Member
    Same here! Trying to lose last 10 pounds, and until now have let quarantine get in the way.
  • sashimimaniac
    sashimimaniac Posts: 71 Member
    anyone can add me if they need motivation:)
  • Lhasandme
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    Good morning/afternoon all, My name is June. I am back on a program and def would appreciate an accountability group too - pls anyone add me if they need motivation too!

    I'm coming off a solid year of emotional eating, (loss, my mom) and while so many aspects of my life are really happy now... this past chapter has been a total timeout (food/fitness). I've been so tired, along the way, of feeling so lazy, no energy and food making me feel even worse for so long.. relieved to actually have the motivation to get back to feeling good and healthy again. :)

    I appreciate everyone's efforts and it definitely is contagious during those weaker moments!

    My goal is 15#s but it's probably more like 20, which might sound easy for some, but it's a night and day thing for me and a lifestyle change needed to accomplish.

  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
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    Accountability buddies are nice for starting out. To make a change in direction requires the individual to initiate it.

    You will resist someone changing you as any body in motion resist a change inertia. You will revert to your original path when the external force is removed.

    When the desire and source of change comes from within the change is permanent.

    But I agree it is helpful to change direction with support and encouragement.