Quarantine & Failed 2020 Goals

Like many of us here, I started this year feeling this was definately my year! I had planned it all out: get licensed as an Attorney and then get married. A double win! Then corona hit...and everything went downhill from there (well my weight went uphill 🙃). Looking for a community of motivators to push each other virtually. There may be no wedding or no swearing in just yet but I want to give myself the best mental and physical space to achieve both. I currently weigh 250lbs (something I’m very embarrassed to admit having always been in “onederland”). But my goal is a whooping 100lbs, pacing myself and knowing it will take some time to get there. So if you have some positive vibes, please share with this Quarantine Bae 😆♥️🙏🏽


  • Katmary71
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    You got this! I'm sorry such big events are being postponed for you. I lost 100lbs, a little over 50 of it last year, still can't believe I made a New Year's Resolution that stuck! Make changes you feel you can handle, focus on one or two at a time. It's overwhelming to think of the 100lb total, try smaller goals like 5lbs at a time then getting under 200. I bawled like a baby when I hit goal! Mental health is huge especially right now, having a routine has helped me a lot. I had a real hard time in December (struggle with depression) and little stuff like making the bed first thing in the morning and doing the dishes at night helped as far as small accomplishments. Congratulate yourself for the little things you do that benefit you in a positive way. I'm also high-strung, forcing myself to do a short yoga routine or stretching at the end of working out helps mellow out my energy a bit and focus more on being calm. I'm great at attacking cardio and weights but not so much with the mellow stuff!
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    Thank you so much for the encouragement and advice. I particularly love your advice on setting small goals and working to achieve them one at a time. I’m sorry about the depression, I hope and pray you are in a better place right now. It must help with having hit the weight loss goal, really inspirational. Thank you so much for shining your light on my journey ☺️
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    all your goals are still achievable! i’m very sure you will be a happy bride 😊 with regard to weight loss, just remember it is all about calories in and out. incorporate more protein into your diet and walk a bit more. slow and steady wins the race!
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    Thank you so much for this! 😊
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    I'm right there with you. I was doing very well in January and then about early February lost all motivation and haven't been motivated since. And the stay at home thing has NOT helped at all. I am trying to get out and exercise as much as possible, but as we all know, you can't out exercise a bad diet. Too much snack food and too accessible and too many sweets just right there since I've been working from home in March. I put on regular jeans yesterday and a summer top and felt very fat because I've been wearing nothing but sweatpants and t-shirts for weeks now. Ugh. I have got to get motivated to eat right. I have lost 55 pounds before and right now my scale seems to be broken and I'm not sure exactly where I'm at. You can do it and so can I right?
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    I am losing weight right now. I am not losing weight because I am motivated to do it because I feel pretty indifferent to it at the moment. I am losing weight because I have a plan that I can execute easily enough that it has become habit.

    This is not bragging. I am actually not losing 1lb per week right now as I could. I am slipping past my goal quite often and it dropping me down to .75lbs per week but I am not going to beat myself up over it. Good enough gets the job done.

    So the question I would ask is not what you can do to get motivated? It is what can you do to lose weight when you are feeling indifferent about it? Design a plan that is easy for you to follow on bad days. Take a normal day for you and modify it just enough to end the day in some kind of calorie deficit. As time goes on you can do more and you can certainly do more on days you are feeling good but be prepared to fall back to minimum requirements on days you may not be "feeling it."
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    You are not alone. Mid March I had to lose 20 lbs, the same 20 lbs I was trying to lose for 3 years. Now I've added close to 10 pounds in 8 weeks since the lockdown so it's 30 pounds. It's a bad combination of the gym being closed, sitting all day in my home office (I'm a CPA with endless tax returns to do) and eating crap/drinking wine. A lot of wine. I'm back in the jeans I almost donated in March as they were too loose. Every day I start again, except for the days when I don't bother and just say, F-K it, and eat a bagel. It's very hard to be motivated since summer is basically cancelled in my area, I don't see anyone other than my family. Add to that that I've been trying to change my diet for years now without success. At almost 48, change is hard.

    So here is what I am doing. I don't see my gym opening for quite a while so I started doing zoom workouts in my bedroom with a trainer from my gym. It's getting super old fast so I ordered a stationary bike, a step, bands and a jump rope online. Hopefully they arrive soon! I found more videos on YouTube and I'm considering Beachbody. I ordered my kids bikes and I am going to buy one and we can ride around the neighborhood. While exercise is not a magic mill for weight loss, I've found that without it, I get depressed and when I am depressed, I eat and drink. You have to be creative right now as the gyms are closed.

    Changing your diet is hard. I've tried them ALL and the only thing that seems to work at all is a low sugar, no flour diet. When I eat things like rice, oats, wheat, my insulin spikes and I get even hungrier. Quinoa seems to sit okay. I am going to try a Primal Paleo type diet except I will eat legumes, quinoa and my shakes from my gym. And of course, there has to be personal responsibility on my part and self discipline. I'm going to have to have self control and just say no to cookies, chips, pizza, granola bars, bagels and of course, red wine. I'm basically a sugar addict, I don't like any other alcohol, just red wine.

    We can do it!
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences and what you have been doing to meet these challenges during the quarantine. You’re all rockstars!