Help Isolating Fat Loss on Thighs

So, hopefully this is not totally gross for folks, but I am struggling to lose weight on my thighs… specifically, it seems like my inner thigh area refuses to give up the fat cells… if I were a cow I’d swear that’s the area marbling for steak flavor.

At my age, my routines and time to exercise are straightforward and limited: walk 4 to 5 miles chasing a golf ball weekly or so, treadmill time walking and jogging 4 to 5 days a week, lift weights with a few exercises 3 times per week. It seems to come off everywhere but the inner thigh… ideas and exercises that might help? I'm about 6'1 and 219 now.

Thank you in advance for the feedback.


  • Iwantahealthierme30
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    squats or sit to stand from a chair, do that a few times.
  • BZAH10
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    That's always been a trouble spot for me. The only thing that really makes a difference (for me) is a consistent routine of squat and lunge variations with heavy weights, particularly sumo squats. Obviously, maintaining a lower level of body fat goes along with that.
  • dolliesdaughter
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  • MostlyWater
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    I lose 7 inches from each thigh when I started spinning a few times a week.