Red and Green numbers.

Does anyone know why I’d be red?


  • harper16
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    It should have added your exercise calories not subtracted.
  • Iwantahealthierme30
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    Because you burned more in exercise than you ate so basically you're running empty.
  • ashleykettering1021
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    Okay, so I’m not over calories. I was very confused
  • harper16
    harper16 Posts: 2,564 Member
    How are you calculating your exercise calories? What exercises are you doing?
  • PAV8888
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    edited May 2020
    You probably have an apple or samsung watch or similar device connected and integration is acting sucky and subtracting instead of adding exercise calories.

    Basically MFP expects information from your app in a certain format (TDEE level of calories out at the time of synchronization); but this is not what your app is sending. So it needs to connect to something that can translate.

    disconnect MFP from device app
    disconnect device app from mfp
    connect device app to intermediary app
    connect intermediary app to MFP

    I feel like I have stock in the Pacer app which I haven't used in six years ever since I got a Fitbit in which I ought to have stock given the money I've thrown their way... but anecdotally Pacer app, and I'm sure other apps, will work as your intermediary app.

    Note that the day you start new adjustments is probably a throw-away in terms of things working right.

    --times/time zones, heights, weights, age should be the same in all apps