Coronavirus and depression

This whole situation has thrown me into depression like I have never felt before. I have gained back 15 of the 20lbs I have lost. I keep trying to get back on track but carbs and wine make me feel better. Help!


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    A lot of therapists are doing virtual appointments. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to reach out for help. A lot of people are struggling with mental health right now.

    Yes, after a few weeks of stress eating in March I reached out for tele-health help. I got a referral and first appt amazingly quickly.

    We had some technical issues - peeps - don't be afraid to complain about sound quality. Seems like I'm the only one doing that, lol.
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    I get it. I've been off and on in the same situation. My work is getting really busy, which partially helps by distracting me, but also is causing huge stress, and I'm freaking about the state of things otherwise. It helped to cut back on my obsessive news habit.
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    You're not alone, I've felt like I'm going downright crazy some days😳 had a video appointment with the anxiety doc but yes the sound was awful but it felt reassuring, this is just a terrible time in our lives and it's hard cuz WE can't control it, don't know when and how it will end, it's just the pits but defo reach out to your doctor, sending love from Vegas 💗
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    While I am not depressed, the change in schedule is certainly harming my choices. Tomorrow is a new day! I’m trying to lose 5-8 pounds by July 4th based on what I have gained during this lockdown.
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    We're all alone together through this.
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    Katmary71 wrote: »
    I was doing pretty good until recently. Staying on a schedule and working out every day helped a lot. I'm having a flare-up in my chronic nerve pain which is throwing a monkey wrench in everything as I'm hurting like crazy and can't stand or walk for more than a few minutes now. I went for help the other night and the clinic I went to took my temp right off and I had a fever, ended up with a COVID test, sent to the ER for xrays, then sent home hours later feeling even worse without any help. Woke up with a little cold yesterday so now no grocery shopping until I get results, can't work out, and can't stand long enough to cook. My microwave is broken so all my quick meals in it can't be cooked until I get a new one. Guess it can always be worse, right?! Definitely worse stuff going on with family members so I shouldn't complain, just hurting a lot tonight and mad about it.

    That was pretty much my experience with the Dr. and I have heard it from way too many others.
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    I just wish i had someone to talk to... this lockdown has turned my world upside down. I feel so lonely. The way things are going on is so disturbing...difficult to get out of that depression

    Sorry you’re having a rough time. I feel for you. I was left by my husband just a week before the lockdown started. Trying to deal with everything has not been easy but there are days now that I manage to accept things and let go. Friend me if you like, we can support each other.

    Trying to look on the plus side - would it have been worse being stuck with him?

    I found therapy extremely helpful after my divorce. Can you get this remotely?