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The gyms in Ohio open up this weekend.. I would love to go, but I'm afraid to go with the current Covid-19 situation.
During the stay at home order, I bought some dumbbells and a bike, so I've been doing my workout at home every day.
I can't decide if I want to start the gym back right away, or give it some time. What is everyone else planning on doing?


  • harper16
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    Go when you feel comfortable. I haven't been to a store in over 2 months, and still have no plans to go. If you do decide to go can you go later at night when there's less people?
  • Theoldguy1
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    IL is just opening gyms for 1-1 training and outdoor classes of 10 or less on May 29th so will have at least another 5 weeks to figure it out.
  • jadu1536
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    Yes true, I think I am going to wait it out a little. Stick to using my gym equipment..
  • roger00022000
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    Personally, I wish my local gym would reopen soon. It was open 24/7 before all this and I hope it returns to that. I try to avoid crowed places anyway, so I would go when it was less popular, like mid morning. After the morning crush but too early for the lunchtime crowds, or the ones that come in after work. I was told by a few that the best time was between 2AM and 5AM for the smallest crowd. Gives one plenty of space, no waiting and you can clean up what you want to use or have already used without someone waiting for it, so it can be done right.
  • papayahed
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    Gyms in Georgia have been open for at least a week (maybe 2). Count me in the "I'll wait it out a little longer" group. I am still working out, just differently.
  • Theoldguy1
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    News out today is little threat of virus spread from surface contact. Good news for gyms.
  • jaymijones
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    I’ll probably continue to avoid the gym. But that’s status quo for me anyway. I’ve only rarely used the gym in the past. I was hoping to get into some classes when all my kids would have been in school this comming fall. But I think I’ll give it another year.

    That being said I haven’t got any issues with those that are planning to return as soon as they are able. I think unless you personally are high risk or come in regular contact with someone who is, there is no reason not to except personal preference.
  • springlering62
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    My yoga studio opened Saturday, with a class size limit of 12.

    They are offering each class “in studio” or via Zoom. We have to sanitize as we come in the door, doff shoes and put them and handbags, etc in a sanitized bin, which we take into the studio with us. They’ve very carefully measured ten feet between mats and laid tape to indicate where to place mats.

    The studio no longer provides props, so we have to bring our own mats, straps, Pilates rings, etc, if we want them.

    After class, we leave through a different door in one of the other studios. I feel like they’ve done everything they can possibly do. Classes have been tiny so far, with most people still zooming.

    My small weight training gym reopened about a month ago, but the owner won’t permit older clients, including me, to come back til June 1. She’s a stickler about cleanliness, and you either wipe stuff down immediately after using it or feel the hot wrath of a four foot something dynamo. She had us all well trained even before Covid.

    She is overwhelmed with new member requests, and is turning most of them down, unless she personally knows them or they are known and recommended by one of the pro, college or HS coaches who train there. If not, she sends them down the street to the chain gym. She’s also asked some members she’s had to warn more than once to find someplace else.

    My husband is a member of a popular gym run by a local hospital for employees but available to the public. They have not reopened and don’t appear to have a timeline to do so. He’s chomping at the bit to get back in.
  • Morgaine_on_the_move
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    I miss Zumba classes SO much, but my gym seems like the last place I’d want to be: crowded classes full of people who exhale a lot and sweat, recirculated air, and all that. Some disinfectant spray on a door handle is not going to mitigate those risks. I am going to wait and see, as much as I’d prefer not to.
  • mmapags
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    I'm going to wait a little but also my gym is rarely crowded except when the local soccer team is there to train. They will likely not be there. I will also take control of my own sanitizing. I will wear a mask and bring my own wipes and hand sanitizer.

    There is usually a reasonable distance between people during normal circumstances. There are certain cultural differences here is Mexico from the U.S.. People would never sneeze around others without burying it in their arm. On the other hand, they are a warm and social people and don't always get what is an appropriate social distance.

    I will wait to see if there is a bounce back rate of infections for a week or 2. But then, if nothing drastic happens, I will take the calculated risk and trust that my good health would protect me in the event I somehow became infected.

    Interestingly, there is very little of the "my rights" BS that you see in the US here. If it happens, it is more on a very individual basis from illiterate old timers who don't really get what is happening. There are still those here who are not literate and are too poor to have the tools to follow media.(In Oaxaca State and the City of Oaxaca de Juarez).

    You don't really realize the privileged life that those in 1st world countries live until you live in a "developing" nation. Mexico is 2nd world not 3rd world but, you truly realize how much 1st world people take for granted and get indignant about when it is not provided. After awhile, it really seems so silly because all these things that people get so indignant about are really of such minor importance. The Oaxaquenos are such a resilient people and they have adapted to this covid-19 thing with grace, teamwork and resilience. Pobre pero feliz. Poor but happy...
  • ABabilonia
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    Even though I miss the gym quite a lot, I think that I will stay away for a while. Ironically before this pandemic, I made so much progress in weightlifting that I feel bummed that I may have lost some of those gains. Gyms open here in Indiana this Sunday and statically (at least in my state) people in my age range have a significantly low death rate, but still there are so many uncertainties about this virus that I think it's best that I just lay low for a while. Plus I interact quite a lot with my grandma, parents, and nieces that it's just not worth the risk right now. Hopefully I can go back to the gym soon though.
  • debrag12
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    No gyms in the UK opening :(
  • youngmomtaz
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    My small town gym is still closed. I have not heard from the board of directors what the plans are moving forward but with as few cases as we have had in Manitoba they will probably open soon so are probably planning. Just before shutdown I had changed my gym time to 5:30am. No other humans there at that time. And I will convince myself to do so again when it reopens. Sanitizing before and after use as usual(because humans are gross) washing up before I leave, and again the second l get home. I miss having bumper plates! And a proper rack!
  • MelanieCN77
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    I haven't heard about mine here in CA but I know other states are preparing to open gyms and I saw the list of what one TX gym was recommending and advising for sanitation. It just didn't seem like there would be much point to any of it - the efforts seem more performative than effective. Restaurants and bars here are already circumventing the goals of the advisories so people are free to hang out and drink together. I'm carrying on in mostly isolation for now.
  • littlegreenparrot1
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    No gyms in UK yet.

    Our local club did announce they are opening up some of the outdoor tennis courts from tomorrow, with limited hours. We're already booked in for tomorrow, and twice more next week!

    Really want to swim, it's been beautiful here and of course none of the outdoor pools are open. Might go along and jump in the river over the weekend.