Going back to the grindstone *sigh*

So had my birthday yesterday and I had planned to bank calories leading up to it but that didn't work out so what's the best plan of attack to get back at it? I'm sure I easily consumed 2500 - 3000 i might have consumed less but I'll use that as a base how many days should I allow to balance it out and get normal service resuming 👍


  • Seat12v
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    Just to add aswell daily allowance is 2065 I've logged for tomorrow minus one lunch meal and I've just shy of 950 calories remaining
  • ReenieHJ
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    Cheat days, IMO, are okay as long as you don't turn them into cheat weeks and months, as I did. That length of time is harder to rebound from. But 1 day? Meh, get back to it today and you're good. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!!