I am sorry all. Failed... just been in a very bad head space with my anxiety and with all this Covid stress I’ve been comfort eating... it needs to stop. I know it’s nearly midnight but enough is enough. Getting the bin bags out, throwing out *kitten* food and tomorrow it needs to begin again! Anyone that doesn’t mind trying tho stick with me again I would really appreciate anyone’s support. I’m trying to be strong, I’m just struggling 💔
Now my lower backs in spasm... so mowed to get that sorted so can get my *kitten* moving again. But I want to do this!


  • DuskyByte
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    Stick to it FairySunflower. It's not failure it's a set back. If you can do it for 1 second you can do it for a million it's all about repetition.
  • Numer1ca
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    These are pretty stressful times. I was already pretty anxious about a number of valid things before we were hit with the pandemic. Everybody’s base level anxiety is pretty high right now, and if tend towards anxiety anyway, yikes. Fortunately, I was already seeing a therapist and we were able to move over to zoom or Telemed pretty seamlessly. I would suggest a therapist if you have the option.

    Part of my work, to get under what my issues are is to just name emotions. Being disconnected and coping with food (or sleeping, or alcohol, or being busy - these are mine) means I am not good at meeting my needs in a way that is helpful. So currently, I am just trying to identify how I am feeling. It seems to be helpful as I am feeling better.
    It’s just like. . . I feel anxious, my chest is tight. I feel restless, I feel like I need to move. No judgement, just how I feel.

    One of the hard things about now (even for the last two years I’ve been in therapy) is that the things I am anxious about are things that are valid to be anxious about. It’s not like we can break it down to a fictional fear. But, we only have one life - so we need to try and make the best of it.

    Remember, the fall isn’t as important as getting back on the horse.
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    You are not the only one. Bad news on the television, home with the entire family navigating 4 different personalities, pouring down rain, and a kitchen full of food (we bought a stand mixer and baking is one of my ways to relieve stress. Luckily I am allergic to milk and butter, so I don't eat most of what I make. Except the homemade bread and cinnamon rolls. My goal everyday is to get some exercise, eat reasonably healthy, get some time outside, work on a project (I love to sew so I have been making things for our home like curtains and pillow covers), do some reading, and keep my sanity. Don't be too hard on yourself. While I would love to emerge from our Covid-19 cocoon with a svelte figure and buns of steel, my basic goal is simply not to gain weight or quit doing my daily exercise. This is the wrong time to worry about perfection. As my son said, "Mom, in a Pandemic you are allowed to eat bacon and chocolate."
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    it's a learning curve you can do it.
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    At least you're open to ending your anxiety eating. That's the start. Keep focused on how you want to get back to the healthy you. One day it will click..and you'll end the stress eating.

    I did the stress eating for the first two months.. as a post above honestly stated. ."it works"..and it did. Eating and cooking all the foods I had banned from my life was a welcome distraction from the fear of the unknown.

    Now that I have more knowledge about it spreads.. I feel more safe. I know I can wear a distance...and not get the virus. Now.. I plan on using the rest of this time to get the weight off I gained before I have to see anyone who will be shocked that Ive gained most of the weight back I lost a few years ago.

    Get motivated. can do it!