Mental health and wellbeing

I've not trained for a long time due to being diagnosed with depression, I have put on 2 stone and now looking to get back on the wagon, anybody else in a similar situation?


  • overeater1
    overeater1 Posts: 38 Member
    Depression is a really tough illness, and in my case, it took me down the road of gaining weight when I sought comfort in junk food and huge portions. I’m not big into training per se, for me walking and getting out in the air helps lift my mood and keeps me focused on eating well. I’m less likely to gorge after spending two hours walking than if I’m sitting watching tv.
  • Numer1ca
    Numer1ca Posts: 246 Member
    My husband uses training to help control his stress and anxiety. I’m the person who flirts with (gets absorbed by) depression. I’m in therapy and have been on medication. Doing well now though. And yes, I gained a *kitten* ton of weight!