Weighing in

Do you weigh yourself everyday? Once a week? Once a month?


  • mhassan160
    mhassan160 Posts: 312 Member
    Every week, but sometimes measurements matter!
  • hobbeskastiel
    hobbeskastiel Posts: 221 Member
    Once a week.
  • Every morning...
  • itslikeanna
    itslikeanna Posts: 2 Member
    Every morning! With the occasional waist measurement when I feel I look lighter. I find it keeps me on track. :)
  • dlmciver
    dlmciver Posts: 149 Member
    Every morning...learn so much about patterns and fluctuations! Try to measure seasonally.
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,811 Member
    First thing (ok second thing...) in the morning, every morning.
    Monitoring my weight trend is my main tool for long term maintenance in my goal weight range, data not emotion.

    May also weigh before/after long or hot cycle rides to gauge my rehydration needs.
  • sarap1187
    sarap1187 Posts: 1 Member
    I weigh everyday, it just keeps me on track
  • michaelsurrett1154
    michaelsurrett1154 Posts: 4 Member
    Once a week and always on the same day with the same pattern. It gives me a reliable basis to gauge
  • junebug_1977
    junebug_1977 Posts: 7 Member
    Every morning. I understand the 'once a week' recommendation, but after using mfp for 7 years now I can almost tell you what my weight is going to be based on what I ate and what I did the day before. I like to see the visual of those decisions on the daily.
  • steph2strong
    steph2strong Posts: 426 Member
    I've weighed daily for the past 7 years, through 2 pregnancies and postpartum periods, through times of loss, gain and maintenance. I weigh first thing in the morning. It has definitely helped me learn a lot about my body, how it responds to different circumstances (food consumption, fluid status, medication use, illness, exercise, stress, and HORMONES! my number one contributor to alterations in scale weight fluctuations). My number one key point about weighing is that daily numbers/fluctuations mean absolutely nothing, only long term trends do.

  • MM1FitLife
    MM1FitLife Posts: 24 Member
    Once every 3-weeks along with measurements. All in the morning.
  • cantorious
    cantorious Posts: 4 Member
    Every morning, after pee. Also measure waist in cm. End of the week I divide by 7 and make adjustments depending on goal
  • Treab123
    Treab123 Posts: 22 Member
    I do it daily and record it if I lose weight or on my Monday check in. Allows me to see a consistent improvement and if I go up on the monday by tuesday usually gone back down lol.
  • Samtyldesley58
    Samtyldesley58 Posts: 15 Member
    Do you find that it really does help 2 a day I am only asking as I do it once a week and have wondered about doing it daily.. As I feel it will help me evolve with what I have eaten or am I being too involved in it...
  • enzen7
    enzen7 Posts: 2 Member
    I weigh in daily before I lay down to sleep. My weight might fluctuate up or down a bit depending on how good of a day I had or how much I had to eat/drink in the hours before I weigh myself. As long as the general trend is in the right direction a single bad day doesn't really matter. When you start to have a few bad days in a row you stop and reevaluate what you're been doing and make changes if they need to be made to keep the progress going.
  • durhammfp
    durhammfp Posts: 493 Member
  • Karen_can_do_this
    Karen_can_do_this Posts: 1,150 Member
    Every morning after I pee. It helps me learn about ups and downs, what to expect after certain meals, health issues etc