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DraxusD Posts: 17 Member
I'm curious what everyone's weight chart looks like. I feel like I don't see them posted often and they tell a different story than before and after pics or numbers.

Post a pic of your weight chart with your gender, height and the time period the chart displays.

M/5'11" 1.5 years


  • mhassan160
    mhassan160 Posts: 312 Member
    You’re real heroes guys !
    I’m F/5.9
  • jen3frg22
    jen3frg22 Posts: 24 Member
    F, 5'7", This is my progress over the last year.

  • netitheyeti
    netitheyeti Posts: 539 Member
    this is since july last year - I admittedly don't weigh suuuper often (I used to get too stuck on numbers so it's healthier for me to do it every few weeks)
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 29,495 Member
    OK, I'll play. But I don't know what to share, so I'll share two. I'm 5'5", female, currently 64 years old.

    Here is the whole weight loss process, plus some maintenance years where weight was drifting up sometimes and fairly stable sometimes. Period is April 2015 to present, just the trend line. Current weight graph ends between the two boxes at lower left, rest of the line is projection.


    Second chart is the longest time leading up to the present that I can provide, while still showing the daily weights (the vertical lines are the daily weights, the left to right jagged connected line is the shifting trend).


    I'd note that this is all based on a 7-day trend, which, for an uneven eater like me, is not the best way to get a realistic trend line in actual maintenance, when I'm not trying for theslow loss I'm working on now. 60-day smoothing, 30 day projection works better. Gotta love statistics.
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