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Had several blood tests over the past couple years all indicating low hemoglobin. It seems every time I cut calories, it goes down more. I eat a good amount of spinach to increase iron levels, is there anything else I could add without dramatically increasing calories? Iron supplements make me feel sick, so I really don't want to take them.


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    I used a liquid iron supplement when I needed one. It's less constipating than the pills. Amazon has it.
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    There are some good iron fortified food options too!
    I live in Canada, Presidents Choice (which you can get at superstore or shoppers drug mart) has maple brown sugar oatmeal which has 40% iron in one packet- 160 cals. Probably the best thing I’ve found as far as low calories go. Some protein bars/ protein powders/ cereal have iron. Anyways check for that stuff in the grocery store. My mom is constantly sending me care packages of random foods she has found with high iron haha.
    **talk to your doctor and see what they suggest** if you are very anemic eating iron rich food alone probably won’t build up iron stores in your precious bod! Most people I know have had to try a few iron supplements before they found one that worked for them, it’s not one size fits all but there are lots of options for supplements that are easier on the stomach!!
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    Has your doctor investigated why it keeps dropping?
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    Red meat. Mollusks. Chicken liver. Pork.
    The body has an incredibly hard time absorbing iron from plant sources. And a much easier time from blood sources.

    You can try cooking your food (rice, pasta, potatoes) with a lucky iron fish too.

    When eating your high iron food, yes to pairing with citrus, NO to pairing with calcium sources (milk, cheese, etc). Citrus helps absorption. Calcium blocks it.
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    Thank you @janejellyroll @quiksylver296 @capops @Terytha @VeryKatie for all the helpful suggestions! Very appreciated😊
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    Oh one more thing... i know you said no iron pills. But if you do decide to try... a slow release one helps a lot with stomach discomfort. Such as feramax150. They are pricey though ($50 for 100 vs $8 for old style ones). Worth it in my opinion.
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    @emmabrookes1 , yes, he says that what's showing in my hemocrit is related to iron deficiency. I think when I was consuming more calories than I should, I managed to get more trace amounts. When I cut back in calories, I get really deficient. I'm really not much of a meat eater, not vegetarian, but just never loved the taste.
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    Have you tried taking iron tablets with your meal? Then it's generally easier on the stomach. Do you feel tired or out of breath easily? Then you, or rather your GP really should do something.
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    I'm really not much of a meat eater, not vegetarian, but just never loved the taste.

    How about eggs? Eggs are a decent source of iron. Seafood is also good.

    Otherwise citrus will help the absorption of non-heme iron. I guess that's why my spinach salad at restaurants usually has oranges in it.
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    I'm in the same boat, horrible ferritin level of 8 and all these months trying different supplements and I can't get it to raise, all these people say ask the doctor but he's no help and just gives me Feosol and tells me to just deal with the side effects, I'm a huge meat eater so I'm thinking I'm just not absorbing it for some reason or it's from heavy periods, I fell for you though cuz low iron sucks the life outa you😔
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    I had a ferritin level of 6...the doctor had me take slowfe (over the counter).I never had any iron pill side effects..I had to return in 3 months for another blood draw..reason being to ensure my level was rising..that was important because if it wasn't they would need to find out why..I was lucky my level started responding..they attributed my low levels to my frequent blood donations..I since have had to dial that back..I agree with everyone..see a doctor for your "why"..iron supplements are not to be experimented with..good luck..
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    @yirara yes, I have tried with meals, it does help a bit. I sometimes feel very low energy, especially right after my TOM.
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    @Terytha thanks for the tip. I had totally forgot about eggs being an iron source.😊
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    When I lost 45lbs a couple years ago over ~6months I was a little too aggressive, and low iron caused me to lose a lot of hair. My dr prescribed 300mg iron tablets daily with vitamin C. To counter the constipation, I also took a tablespoon of psyllium daily, and prunes when needed (I found also taking omega3 tablets helped, not sure if that is a thing for anyone else). Drinking lots of water helped too.

    For me, lower calories just made an existing problem worse - I eventually realized the fatigue/dizziness I've always experienced on my period was related to low iron, and it's not nearly as bad when I'm treating it. I don't take the 300mg anymore (I also regained and won't be eating as low as I did when losing now), but I still take the "easy on your stomach" over-the-counter version (and take the psyllium).

    I recommend staying in contact with your doctor, they will test your blood to see if what you do is working.
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    @kiela64 thanks for sharing! It's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling.
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    Have you tried a supplement called blood builder? I've taken it for low iron for about 10 years now. I have bad menstrual cycles, so I suspect it's that. I am never without a bottle of blood builder. It's different that the typical iron pill. You can get it at Sprouts if you're in the US 🙂