What to do with my hair?

Ok, I know this is a dumb question, ladies... but how do you keep your hair up? Mine is always falling down and knotting up and just generally being obnoxious during my workouts... HELP!


  • mmstgr
    mmstgr Posts: 578 Member
    goody elastics and contour clips
  • rc630
    rc630 Posts: 310 Member
    Try clips like these:

    They worked for pulling my hair in a half-ponytail when my hair was its shortest
  • christine24t
    christine24t Posts: 6,064 Member
    i struggle too. i triple loop my elastic and then pin back stray pieces with bobby pins.
  • kcdrake
    kcdrake Posts: 512
    My hair is between my shoulders and the bottom of my shoulder blades. I usually put a no-slide headband (the elastic kind with the rubbery lining that doesn't grip hair, but helps keep it in place) and then put it in a high pony tail by flipping my head upside and gathering it towards the crown of my head. I know some girls that put it in a loose braid, but I don't like the feeling of one part of my hair bobbing up and down.
  • fatgirlslove
    fatgirlslove Posts: 614 Member
    Hair ties are working 4 me
  • JoLeeFA
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    I have very thick, wavy, long hair. I tried clip after clip till I found one that mostly keeps it pinned on my head. Then I bought 5 of them! good luck!
  • mideon_696
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    Just shave it off.

  • I either just put my hair in a very messy high bun, or a high side pony tail. For the most part I even do a braid headband with my bangs.
  • scyian
    scyian Posts: 243 Member
    hairbands and clips. Though I recently got a sweeping fringe and really could do with getting an alice band to keep it out of the way.

    If I'm doing water work outs I always platt my hair then it's a lot easier to tease out.
  • Goody no-slip hair band and a bandanna. If I don't have the bandanna, I don't worry about the stray pieces. I just get on the elliptical and let the sweat plaster it down. :)
  • aflane
    aflane Posts: 625 Member
    High tight ponytail for me. Once I start sweating, I use the sweat to slick back the strays. Headbands kept slipping off (I have long, straight hair -- little kid fine texture, just lots of it).
  • I gave up on my fine, straight hair and just got it cut short. :laugh:
  • I usually pull it in a high ponytail and use a headband. If I'm outside running, I'll wear a hat. That helps with keeping my hair back and the sun out of my eyes.
  • MissingMinnesota
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    I either have a barrett or headband to hold my bangs back and usually my hair goes back into a looped in pony tail. You know where you do a pony tail and then you put ends of the pony tail back into the pony tail holder.
  • Lozze
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    If I'm at the gym a pony with a good hair clip is enough. I have very long (halfway down my back) very thick hair so it's somewhat easy to get up.

    If I'm outside playing sport it's still the pony but witha hat.