Need friends for motivation and support :)

I have been using MFP for years but I’ve been really struggling to motivate myself lately. I’ve been reading the Beck diet and she mentions how having a supportive person to check in with can be so helpful - I’d really like someone who gets it so I thought I’d try looking on here. Anyone interesting in being my weight loss buddy? We can share diaries and keep each other motivated.


  • Puffin94
    Puffin94 Posts: 1 Member
    I can be your buddy. I need someone for support and to keep me on track when I want a soda or cookie. :)
  • SteppenFetchit
    SteppenFetchit Posts: 39 Member
    Yeah, I've been here awhile too and I found the first couple of times I was very motivated and lost weight rather quickly (of course, then I got complacent and gained it all back). Now, I struggle to keep my eyes on the ball... I could use a friend to keep me in line.
  • eliff3
    eliff3 Posts: 2 Member
    I want to be your buddy, too! I'm searching for a friend for motivation :smile: and I really want to lose weight, I have motivated myself to success it!
  • dianita01
    dianita01 Posts: 19 Member
    Thank you!!! This is awesome. I’ll send you all friend requests