Eating more calories when you exercise or?

I started using the app yesterday because I really need to lose weight now and I wanted to track what I eat in a day. It seems my biggest issues are not exercising enough and eat a bit to much sweet stuff.

But now I'm wondering, when I add my training stuff to the app I have more calories left at the end of the day. Am I supposed to eat extra then or should I stick to the calories MFP calculated for me without training? I understand that when you train your body needs more but does a 30 minute walk need extra calories intake?


  • deannalfisher
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    MFP does not include purposeful exercise in your daily calories

    If you are getting extra cals for walking you can either treat as purposeful or consider adjusting activity level to compensate
  • sakurablossoms82
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    Ok so the "not very active" option + calculated calories of MFP, in other words, is the minimum my body needs even when being in bed all day or being lazy and watching tv.. Good to know that.