Joe Wicks problem

(Brief Story time)

I’m not currently with SW atm but thinking on going back,but I’m doing Joe Wicks, which although is amazing food and exercise wise. The weight isn’t falling off like I though it would. I’m still 11st 7. A weight that caused me to become pre diabetic and I’m 2st 7lb over weight as it is. (My personal goal is to be under 10st). I’m feeling down on this plan weight wise. I have voiced my opinions on the group itself and was told “you shouldn’t worry about your weight” . “This isn’t a diet”. “I’m 1st heavier and I feel great”

But I do worry about my weight (and my health).

I’ve been dieting since I was 21 (and at 27). I’m tired of it, but know that I can’t give up. I just need some thoughts, encouragement and ideas. (Hence why I’m going back to SW for the 3rd time (long story: I joined and was a member for 5 years, moved and joined WW, an incident happens so I left, then joined SW again and then back to WW and here I am)- all in the space of two years.... yeah..

Sorry for the rant, I’m just feeling so conflicted within myself. I want to finally say that I’m under 10 st! (Even 11 st right now).

Amanda x


  • holly8312
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    I'm currently on the Joe Wicks plan. I've logged my recommended food for a couple of days, and it does work out as a calorie deficit that would be equal to roughly losing 1 to 1.5lbs per week for me as calculated by MFP. However, if you're used to aiming for the 2lbs per week goal as set by MFP it would be a smaller deficit than you're used to.

    The Joe Wicks plan is more about changing your body composition than losing weight, i.e. building more muscle in order to burn more calories, so if you're looking for fast weight loss it might not be suitable for you, but it might end up being more sustainable longer term.
  • Jacq_qui
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    I’ve been dieting since I was 21 (and at 27). I’m tired of it, but know that I can’t give up. I just need some thoughts, encouragement and ideas.

    I read somewhere (a long time ago!) that if any single diet worked, we'd all be size 8,and there would only be one diet to choose from (which would work for everyone, every time, for permanent weight loss) and the rest of the dieting business would go bust!!

    I don't do diets (anymore). I used to in my younger days though.

    I think the mindset that a short period of change will result in the body I want, for me, isn't helpful. It's about long-term change, eating healthily, getting stronger, fuelling your body correctly, making those sensible swaps, not depriving yourself of things you want but not splurging as a way to manage emotions (which is pretty much the only reason I ever 'splurge' now). For me I eventually realised that managing my emotions was one way to help my weight and I use meditation and exercise to help with that. (I hadn't previously considered stress management as a method of weight control)

    At the start of lockdown I was convinced I couldn't lose any more weight since the gym was going to be shut, but actually, that wasn't true - the most important stories we hear in life are the ones we tell ourselves (forget where I heard that!). How many times/years had I previously told myself the lie that I couldn't lose weight until I had time to exercise/join a gym/run every day? what a waste! I made the barriers to weightloss all by myself. So the story I tell myself now is that this is the way it is now: I track what I eat, I try to eat sensibly, I don't beat myself up if I sometimes don't and I just get back on it, I exercise because it makes me feel good and because I want to be strong, and I know it helps manage stress - I'm basically faking it at being a healthy person until I actually become one :lol: And I am finally under 11st! (just!). My diet is better than five years ago, it is better than one year ago and I hope it will be even better six months, a year from now etc.

    Hope you find something that works for you. I reckon all you need is probably on this site and at the risk of sounding cheesy, already within you :)

    - Btw, I'm doing the free version of Joe wicks(!) - I've been doing his PE class on youtube every day since he started. That doesn't cost anything!