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Hi everyone I’ve been doing insanity for a while now I’m on my recovery week and getting stressed I’ve lost a few pounds but not much I went to the gym before they shut and have lost nearly 5 stone now I’m 10st 2 and 5ft 7 and am on 1,200 cal a day my questions are did people see more results in the first week ? Am I on enough calories or too little ? I panic with weight loss a lot and could really use the help and advice thanks all u awesome people stay strong x


  • quiksylver296
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    Are you eating back exercise calories? 1200 gross calories is really low for someone your size. I'm 5'9, and can lose on 2000 calories.
  • netitheyeti
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    I've completed Insanity 2x in the past, I saw very little in terms of weight loss in the first month, but my body shape visibly changed in month 2 and I had a mini woosh after the recovery week. Is that 1200 net? I found it a bit hard to stick to it and keep up with Insanity and daily life and had to bump it up a tiny bit - I'm a 5'2-5'3 woman
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    I have noticed some days I get headaches and struggle to not be hungry when I’ve eaten my calories 1,200 is as high as I go but I’m scared of gaining weight I’m glad that hopefully I should see more changes in month 2 body wise I just wondered if someone could help me to figure what I should be on food wise too I do intermittent fasting as well and love it have found it fits in with my lifestyle a lot but I feel like I’ve let calories overtake me and too scared to go higher unless I know I can still lose on it x
  • netitheyeti
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    Fwiw if I remember right I was eating in the 1600-1700 range in month 2 of Insanity, if I dropped it any lower I felt sluggish (numbers/results suggest this put me at net 1200-1300kcal), I was 5'2-5'3 and in the mid 120s at the time. Month 2 workouts are longer and harder than month 1 and I'd really suggest making sure you eat and drink enough :smile: Insanity made me feel kinda puffy/retain water until fairly late in the program btw, so the weight didn't immediately drop
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    Hi... I'm on the recovery week right now, have lost just over 10lb. I'm 5-10 and eating 1600 cals per day so maybe you're not eating enough?
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    hi ive done insanity in the past and im doing it again. i didnt see much results in month 1 as i did on month 2. im halfway through month 2 now and i feel like i may be at a plateau. i have a feeling im not eating enough either. im 5'3 at 122 and i eat about 1100 calories. im just not hungry for more- and like you im afraid to eat more and gain back my weight. good luck to you. :-)
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    I’m on my second last week of Indanity and tbh I have gone up and down the same couple of pounds so far throughout the 7 weeks, I did take my measurements at the start and will take them again at the end. My fit test results have improved each time and I can see a difference in my upper abs and a reduction in the appearance of my cellulite. Im having around 1400 calories a day, with more on a Saturday 🤭
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    You're not eating enough. Eat more and be patient. Better to do it sustainably for better change of longterm results.