Needing motivation

Sherbear_1977 Posts: 5 Member
I've tried MFP a few times but seem to lose motivation. My weight has never been stable, it's been a roller coaster my entire life. I dont seem to have support from anyone in my life so thought maybe I could make friends and support on here. :)
I'm starting today and plan to weigh in every Wednesday, plus I just signed up at the gym so plan to go almost everyday. Does anyone else need the extra motivation?

My current weight is 142 and my goal is 120. I know its not a lot but its really difficult for me to get motivated and stay motivated.

June 17/20 - 142 lbs
June 24/20 -

July 1/20 -
July 8/20 -
July 15/20 -
July 22/20 -
July 29/20 -

Aug 5/20 -
Aug 12/20 -
Aug 19/20 -
Aug 26/20 -

Stay safe and happy!!!!


  • littleleslie
    littleleslie Posts: 1 Member
    Definitely need motivation. I used to be in sports. I was competitive. Now I'm just tired. I started back up with dance fitness today. Trick myself into exercise. It worked though. Best of luck.
  • LDMFP22
    LDMFP22 Posts: 1 Member
    I came here for the same reason. Just no motivation right now. Things are just so nutty. Walking, interval jogging and some weight resistance are my goals for exercise. I have been walking, but not every day as I had hoped. Hoping to get a pool installed this year as well. I am from CT. How about you all?
  • YemaH20
    YemaH20 Posts: 8 Member
    I definitely need the motivation. I am starting over again. It’s been a challenge to get started, but I know I need to commit to myself. I desire to lose about 30lbs. My plan for now is to meet my daily step goals and exercise at least 4 times a week.
  • adnelms20
    adnelms20 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello there! -also needing to keep up motivation. Quarantine was not good for my waistline, so now I'm looking to lose about 20 lbs for my first milestone, then another 30 after that. We can do this!
  • meowysmiling5779
    meowysmiling5779 Posts: 15 Member
    Even though I am quite big with a lot of weight to lose right now, I have also been smaller with that 20 that will not go. I understand both ends. It’s actually more difficult when you are smaller than at the size I am now I think but we all need to support each other and I have a long road ahead.
  • emilymatthews304
    emilymatthews304 Posts: 12 Member
    I'm needing motivation. Lockdown has not been good at all, my son is refusing to leave the house making it difficult to get any steps in 🤦‍♀️
  • debbsdring
    debbsdring Posts: 11 Member
    this is my millionth time on here i also lose motivation and ive tried lots of different diets trying to find it, i have 28lb to lose that i gained from pregnancy and just cant shift it, i feel like a slob whose tired and lazy, i need a kick up the bum and some help. as i always fall back into my old habits of eating and once i get the taste for something am a gonner hahah good luck to you all in this journey x