Anyone taking it and notice a change in appetite?


  • kitaemma
    kitaemma Posts: 40 Member
    I had to stop, it made me feel like I was starving constantly, but everyone is different! See how you feel! Best wishes
  • rkcampbell
    rkcampbell Posts: 186 Member
    I’ve been taking it for about 15 years. Doesn’t seem to have an effect on my appetite. I’ve always liked food.
  • snowgem
    snowgem Posts: 1 Member
    I had every single side effect. It was awful for me. Appetite suppression wasn't noticeable. Good luck!
  • skbrodie
    skbrodie Posts: 81 Member
    Yes! My appetite is decreased from normal since starting it. I had to force myself to eat the first week or so. It was very strange. I've balanced out a lot since then but still consider my appetite decreased from what it used to be.
  • Butterfly_Ninja3
    Butterfly_Ninja3 Posts: 32 Member
    I've been on it for about 10 years now... 150mg in the morning and 75mg in the evening before bed. I honestly have never noticed anything appetite wise... just that my depression has been so much better and my crying spells have ceased. Which is the main reason I wanted it in the first place. Every one is different so it may have different effects on different people. Have you started taking it? Or were you thinking of taking it and wonder about the appetite changes?
  • MichelleWithMoxie
    MichelleWithMoxie Posts: 1,819 Member
    I was on it for a few months and could not control my eating & appetite. I stopped on my own cold turkey. Boy was that interesting, even at the low dose I was on (75mg).
  • cowsanddogsarecute
    cowsanddogsarecute Posts: 156 Member
    I've been on it for anout a year. It didn't effect my appetite as I was already eatting too much and I've also lost weight while still taking it. It's really helped my depression too. Everyone reacts differently to different medications though.