How many minutes to record for HIIT.

Currently I'm recording Joe Wicks HIIT as calisthenics, and if I do a 15 minute work out I record 15 minutes of calisthenics. However, depending on the workout, perhaps 30 seconds of each minute would be rest.

Would you record the whole 15 minutes, or put 7:30?


  • L1zardQueen
    L1zardQueen Posts: 8,755 Member
    I would record the 15 minutes.
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,878 Member
    If I was only doing an activity for half the time, then that is what I would log.
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,841 Member
    Calisthenics is expected to have some rest times in it, it's the nature of it. You'll get balance between the times you have big rests and the times you have less than normal rests.
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,859 Member
    It's a 15 minute calisthenics workout and no-one would expect you to be going constantly for 15 minutes just like many stop/start exercises or sports.
    Would suggest logging 15 minutes if you think the estimate is reasonable.
  • grob49
    grob49 Posts: 123 Member
    I log My HIIT as circuit training and log the exact time