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ashcroft37ashcroft37 Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
Is anyone else having problems with syncing. Mine isn't syncing with fitbit again. It's been 3 days now getting annoying


  • upermohawkupermohawk Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    My under armor map won't sync to MFP.
  • Cricketmad88Cricketmad88 Member Posts: 363 Member Member Posts: 363 Member
    the whole site sucks this week
  • mchenryrosemchenryrose Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Yes! I been having a issue this week. When I go into a meal to put in for break, lunch, dinner, etc. This is what I get Please Note: Currently, our site does not support "https add-ons" you may have elected to use with your web browser. If you've enabled such an add-on (such as HTTPS Everywhere) please exclude MyFitnessPal from the add-on's list of sites to see if that helps. I put in a coplaint with them, they sent me to do this test and I pass all of them. So I did a copy & paste sent it back to them. I havn't heard anything from them. They always send a message on their site having issues, not this time.
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