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Accountability partner

would love to find someone who is motivated to push one another to hit our goals..

I use to work in the fitness industry but after some hard times and family bereavements, I managed to put on about 60lbs without even noticing whilst I comfort ate myself into oblivion.

Now I know I can lose it, as I've had my 6 pack before etc, but I would deffo get their quicker with more motivated people..

I go on holiday in 148 days and set myself a target to get from 260lbs (now) to 220lbs..

Help 😂


  • Theotherwhiteclint
    Theotherwhiteclint Posts: 342 Member
    Feel free to add me dude. Registered Dietitian here.
  • threewins
    threewins Posts: 956 Member
    edited July 2020
    OP if you are interested in using a chatting app of some kind please add me and we can discuss which app to use. I don't know if messaging people here works reliability when two people aren't friends. I want to lose about 28 kilograms.
  • Vetleanni
    Vetleanni Posts: 64 Member
    edited July 2020
    would definately like to join if you are getting a group of motivated people together for accountability, nomatter goal :smile: dont have a big weight loss goal, more a recomp. :)