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Weight and period (ladies)

Okay so this is more of a girlie post lol!
I’ve lost 3lb so far and this week I haven’t lost anything
Is that because obviously I’m pre period? I haven’t had any chocolate like I normally do and I’m just thinking shall I just grab some 🤣🤣 because is it really worth trying to lose weight when all my hormones are everywhere haha!


  • Lildarlinz
    Lildarlinz Posts: 100 Member
    Thank you!!
    I haven’t lost not one little 1/2 or a lb or nothing! And this week I know it’s really naughty but I have hardly eaten but that is due to my work.And the heat has been horrible and I just haven’t felt like eating xx
    I thought it was the period lol! I think I’m going to treat myself to a few squares of chocolate! Sod it haha!!
    Most likely, yes. Everyone is different - I actually experience most of my period symptoms the week before and it’s basically impossible to get any weight off that week - but bloating/hanging on to extra water weight is really common. You’ll see a drop next week.

  • KerrieA87
    KerrieA87 Posts: 167 Member
    My weight can go up by 3kg during my cycle, you’ll find your own pattern and what’s regular for you as you carry on losing weight
  • nooshi713
    nooshi713 Posts: 4,716 Member
    I’m usually 5 lbs heavier before my period.
  • Someonerandom1
    Someonerandom1 Posts: 13 Member
    My weight drops 1-2lbs the week before my period and then jumps like 4lbs the day before I start. I’m usually up a couple of pounds for the duration of my period. It definitely varies from person to person.
  • spr931
    spr931 Posts: 58 Member
    I stayed the same exact weight during the first 3 or 4 days when all the fun bloating happens and then a whole pound came off
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,850 Member
    I gain weight during mine too.
  • thelastnightingale
    thelastnightingale Posts: 660 Member
    My weight is always artificially high during my period (it comes back down immediately afterwards), but I crave chocolate and greasy food - if I give into the cravings, any period weight gain becomes real. It's hard, but you have to make a special effort once a month to eat sensibly. If you don't really think about it, you end up binging all kinds of rubbish and feeling a bit silly afterwards.

    I work some chocolate into my plan around then (it genuinely helps me) but I have to be strong to not suddenly start binge eating everything. Don't let the hormones derail you!
  • jenlefleur31
    jenlefleur31 Posts: 21 Member
    Shark week is the worst. I always gain just before and during, the majority comes from water weight but my cravings hit me so bad and I really struggle with self control! I haven’t been on sign starting MFP so it will be a real test!
  • ruqayyahsmum
    ruqayyahsmum Posts: 1,490 Member
    I weigh daily so I see the fluctuations
    In the week leading up to shark week I can gain up to 7lb
    2 days before it starts I drop a pound or two and the rest leaves by the day after it stops
  • Tq43
    Tq43 Posts: 85 Member
    I weigh daily so I see the fluctuations
    In the week leading up to shark week I can gain up to 7lb
    2 days before it starts I drop a pound or two and the rest leaves by the day after it stops

    Does the daily weigh in motivate you ?
    I've never done daily weigh in because I thought I'd see bigger results if I weigh weekly ? I'd be afraid I'd get demotivated if I wasn't seeing results ?
    I'm just curious as I'm thinking of trying it .

    Thank you.
  • spr931
    spr931 Posts: 58 Member
    I do daily weigh in more of to see how certain foods, activity, sleep, water intake, etc effect weight
  • hipari
    hipari Posts: 1,297 Member
    edited June 2020
    I weigh in daily and don’t give a *kitten* about what a single day looks like. I care about my trend weight - I have the Happy Scale app (it’s free), before that I looked at my weekly average weight.

    I just compared what I lost in the last two weeks between each weekday, like from last Friday to this Friday, and the results vary from 0,2lbs to 2,8lbs. That’s a huge difference that would surely affect my motivation if that was my only weigh in and results varied that wildly from week to week.
  • Anthem76
    Anthem76 Posts: 81 Member
    I weigh every day, but only log lower weights. That way the trend on my chart is always down. Also, I find that limiting salt during shark week helps with the bloat. Still, I usually gain 2 pounds the day before, which drops over the first 3-4 days.
  • Vetleanni
    Vetleanni Posts: 64 Member
    Hi! :smile: any of you guys experiencing any PMS issues (besides from water retention) and has it gotten worse with age?
    I have for the last 6 months been having some menstrual changes, wich has caused me to feel like I spend half the month with alot of pms issues, and it's starting to mess up my training. My joints get achy, my energy dives and I have an auto immune disease that seems to flare up also every time I get pms. Just feels like I'm hormonally compromised during the phase after ovulation, and its starting to get really annoying. I have been to a doctor, and everything seems to be fine.
  • hrod215
    hrod215 Posts: 163 Member
    Shark week

  • emilyroselamb
    emilyroselamb Posts: 5 Member
    Hey guys, on the same topic I have so much trouble losing weight around my period. The week before and during, I lose nothing at all really often. Then, the week after my normal pattern of about 1kg per week resumes. I don’t even have a big drop, it seems to just plateau for 2 weeks! Is anyone else the same?