Do you add loose leaf tea if you don’t use milk or sugar?


  • harper16
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    I don't see why you can't?
  • anna_lowe
    anna_lowe Posts: 39 Member
    if you are asking about logging, no, i don't log tea/coffee if i don't put anything in it
  • hypodonthaveme
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    I just didn’t know if it would be classified as more of a “water” as I don’t think plain loose leaf has calories. I would assume some of the infused loose leaf may as sometimes they add sugar, peppermint, orange peels etc.
  • Buttermello
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    If it's just plain tea, without anything added to it, I dont log it. But some people do.
  • missysippy930
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    Water is the only thing with zero calories. Both plain coffee and tea have a few calories. It depends on how much you consume and how accurate you want to be whether or not you log.
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    Brewed tea, whether in bags or loose, flavored or not, generally has too few calories to worry about. Most sites list an 8 ounce serving as having zero calories but the USDA rules (which are widely applied around the world) allow fewer than five calories per serving to be rounded down to zero. And, yes, as far as hydration is concerned, you may consider tea as a part of your water intake.
  • hypodonthaveme
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    Thank you all for the responses. I don’t classify tea as my water but hubby and I do have a cup in the evenings.
    I have heard so many controversies on calories or not being in tea and to log or not. Just wanted opinions from a group who are familiar with logging everything that goes into their body.
    So thank you all🙂
  • lynn_glenmont
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    I got in the habit of logging black tea and black coffee early on when I was trying to track potassium. I gave up tracking potassium when I realized that if you eat any amount of restaurant food or multi-ingredient packaged/canned/frozen etc. food, it's pretty hopeless, as potassium amounts are seldom available in the U.S. for such foods.

    But I never entirely lost the habit of logging black tea and black coffee. I'm not consistent about it, though. As other posters have said, the calories are extremely minimal, and I don't worry about tracking my water. I rely on thirst, urine color, and a habit of having a drink, usually non-calorie or extremely low calorie, beside me almost all the time.
  • scarlett_k
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    I log tea and coffee just because I want to record how many caffeinated drinks I tend to have in a day. The calories are negligible so it's up to you if you bother or not.
  • paperpudding
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    Sometimes I have herbal tea and I log it - according to packet it is 4 calories per tea bag.

    Would make no real difference if you did not though - unless you are drinking exorbitant amount.
  • hypodonthaveme
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    Thank you. You all have gave me great knowledge.