Hello people,
Over the years I realized that carbs are very bad for me and if I cut the carbs down, and increase protein and good fat, I feel great and loose the weight. I started back up on a keto diet two days ago and now in the middle of the "keto flu."
I spin almost daily now for at least 30 minutes. Used to do cross fit until the pandemic hit and now not doing much resistance training.

I am 5'8, 235 pounds, on a muscular side. I want to get under 200. Last time I was at 204 was in 2015.

I am looking for advice, motivation, insights and stories for support.

Thank you!


  • RodaRose
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  • jlval1989
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    Electrolytes are your friend!

    The biggest reason for keto flu is a lack of salts that the body needs for a few processes at a cellular level.

    Keto initially gets rid of a lot of stored water, and with that water, goes salts. Sodium, potassium, and so on.

    Up your water and salt intake, that should help kick the keto flu
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    Propel, is a drink that is sugar-free, and made by the Gatorade people. You drink two of them (alright if you three or four) you will be good. Water is good, but not made for the "keto flu". (You get them at the DollarTree for $1!)