Stopped Smoking and started eating

So, as of today, I am 15 days smoke free/12 days nicotine free (in other words, I took off the patch). I did alright for a while, but now, it seems like I am always eating something! I have already gained the COVID 19 from being at home, I don't want to gain any more from quitting smoking (but I will be damned if I start that crap up again!). I know I could go for walks, but I am not a fan of the heat and humidity - at all. And I have psoriasis that has flared up on the bottom of both of my feet. (Gah - all these excuses!! Someone smack me!)


  • nanastaci2020
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    Sugar free candy to suck on perhaps?
  • jmcdonald2011
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    You can do this! I am on day 2 and having a rough time. Hang in there.
  • amber5151
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    Good job on quitting smoking! Some things that helped me, sugar free lifesaver mints and still going outside when I'm having a craving. I will grab a mint and go sit out on the patio and play on my phone. Then once the craving is gone, I go back in. Today was 170 days nicotine free for me, it gets easier ❤
  • ms_maruska
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    I recommend rose hip. I think it's coming into season. It helped me with stopping smoking because my hands would be busy for hours on end trying to get each berry (is it called berry?) out and you munch on it constantly but you don't eat a lot.
  • Mithridites
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    I want to give you hope, because nicotine addiction was really strong for me. It took a couple serious tries, but I’ve been smoke free for 8 years. I credit my final success to taking up knitting. It kept my hands and my brain busy enough countless times to resist the craving. It’s a little like replacing a bad habit with a good one. Sometimes it’s late evening, but I’m still saying, “one more row.” Good luck all who are fighting the good fight right now. Best and most difficult thing I ever did.
  • josh250to180
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    I did exactly what you are doing.

    Unless you have acute or chronic issues with eating too much, do not try to manage too much. Nicotine has a death grip stronger than any substance on earth. Because of that, when I quit, I let myself eat. I did increase my activity level, so I wasn’t just sitting around thinking about smoking, but I didn’t restrict myself. Nothing can affect your body more than when you smoke all day everyday, barring genetic disorders.

    It took many tries, but I eventually got to where nicotine didn’t control me. Then i would wake up and not think once about smoking.

    Now, I have a pack once every 5 or 6 months or so, but I never get hooked. I have trained my brain not to.

    This was about 8 years ago. I am more overweight now, but for different reasons.

    So....don’t beat yourself up. Just keep yourself busy. And say NO every time your brain says YES. You may not win every time, but you will gain a little more brain power (literally, not figuratively) each and every time that you do.

    You can do it.
  • IWTBF67
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    It’s hard but so worth it! I quit cold turkey in 2012 after a blood clot in my heart almost killed me. I find walking outdoors helps and having healthy snacks available. Good luck!