I've lost 20 pounds!

Hello, I just thought I would touch base with people out there and let you know that I've had a little success, so far so good. I started April 30th 2020 and have lost just over 20 pounds. I'm eating around 1600 calories a day and I weigh myself every two weeks. There are times when I eaten more or less than 1600 calories but I'm fairly consistent. Almost every day I have 2 boiled eggs and a berry smoothie with banana and spinach. I eat chicken and will drink 1 cup of 1% milk for protein. I also have ice cream. I get the individual kind so I can count the calories. They are usually around 80 to 100 calories. I find that preparing food and eating it is so much more enjoyable, now that I control myself. I still have 60 to 70 pounds to lose. The important thing is to be consistent and patient!


  • Andia15
    Andia15 Posts: 104 Member
    Well done! Keep up the amazing work and you'll get to where you want to be before you know it.
  • AustinRuadhain
    AustinRuadhain Posts: 2,521 Member
    Congratulations! Keep up the great work!
  • Danisha43
    Danisha43 Posts: 25 Member
    Congrats! You just give me the push to keep going with your story. Thank you!
  • kiragunther
    kiragunther Posts: 2 Member
    How exciting and inspiring.
  • Beautyofdreams
    Beautyofdreams Posts: 1,009 Member
    Great job making sustainable changes and congratulations on your weight loss.
  • slimgirljo15
    slimgirljo15 Posts: 269,397 Member
    Congratulations on a great loss 👏
  • gracie245
    gracie245 Posts: 21 Member
    @tbridges273 Good work! I'm working towards achieving 10kgs and have been working towards it since end of May. Pretty happy with consistent but sustainable loss. I might look up some ice cream treats I can control tho!
  • ntrlwmn17
    ntrlwmn17 Posts: 15 Member
    congrats! well done.
  • stephnstars
    stephnstars Posts: 47 Member
    Well done! You started around the same time as me and I'm also 20lbs down! Need another 20lbs to go so you are inspiring me to carry on!
  • Danisha43
    Danisha43 Posts: 25 Member
    Good work and congrats!
  • jennifersusanmcdougall
    jennifersusanmcdougall Posts: 223 Member
    Well done I've just hit the 20 mark today. I still have 30-35 to go.thanks for your story.
  • richardsonc131
    richardsonc131 Posts: 3 Member
    This is amazing! We started right around the same time and I am soooo close to that 20 pound mark. Keep up the awesome work!
  • HamptonsGuy
    HamptonsGuy Posts: 72 Member
    Very inspiring im shooting for 15. 2 down 13 to go.
  • AngelOfMusic1028
    AngelOfMusic1028 Posts: 51 Member
    20 lbs is no small feat! Keep up the good work!!
  • sujeetbhatte
    sujeetbhatte Posts: 26 Member
    Amazing! Keep it up!
  • Leezy55
    Leezy55 Posts: 337 Member
    Congrats! Please update with progress!
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