Declare your own challenge AUGUST 2020 [Samples included]



  • fstrickl
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    @tenazhsc I’m happy with my July progress. The first half of July I was loosing quick as I think it was water weight, but I’ve had a consistent loss throughout the month. I’m also happy with my meal planning and the fact I’m eating more veggies! Those aren’t my August goals but I hope to carry it all forward with me anyway!

    Looking forward to starting August!
  • tenazhsc
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    @Xiaolongbao I could start a group. I wanna see how this month goes and I'll look into it. I'm sorry you're injured. 80k steps is still a lot. And congrats on having had a great July!

    @fstrickl I'm glad you had a great month. Vegetables are definitely the key. I make a point to fill half my plate with vegetables or salad.

    Here's how July has been to me. I still have today to go but I imagine there'll be little change.
  • 6mogoal
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    I'm down. I'm currently 6 months post partum so I'm still dropping pounds :).
    My starting weight in Jan was 196
    My August Starting weight is 154
    My goal EVENTUALLY is to get back to 120-125

    For the month of August my plan is to:
    - Drink only water or tea (I don't drink soda so it won't be hard)
    - Stick to a regular exercise. I'm currently trying out the Chloe ting challenges to see how they do. It is kicking my butt.
    - I'm a impulsive eater, I eat for no reason exeptthat I'm bored. So this month (I've already started) I will eat only at given meal times.
    - I will pick one exercise activity each weekend. (this weekend I'm doing a big ten mile hike)
    - I will weigh in daily, but understand that weight fluctuates.
    - I will no blame or shame myself
    - I will maintain protein intake
  • GabiV125
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    Your stories are all very inspiring and tempting but I think I’ll stick to my initial plan to stay within 1500 cal/day and have 3 x 30 minutes exercise sessions per week.
    This is my new strategy, a step at the time.
  • Xiaolongbao
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    Happy August everyone!

    Looking forward to a great month.
  • Vetleanni
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    What an amazing group of people with awsome challenges! Im in, and Im looking forward to the next 4 weeks working on making our goals, together!
    Eaven though I would love to have a workout challenge, I am choosing wellness, because I know Im falling short on maybe the most important thing of all, sleep. Averaging at around 6 hours pr night for the last month, i have gotten in to the habit of napping after work, wich just gives me a bad circle of not beeing able to sleep at night again because im not tired when im supposed to be. So as of right now, fixing my sleep should give me better results in the gym and better my metabolism, more than adding any dietary or physical work upon what I am doing now. I should be getting a minimum of 8, but Im starting with 7 hours pr night 6 days out of 7 (to give myself a little room to fail).
    week 1: sleep 7 hours pr night, 6 out of 7 days.
    week 2: sleep 7 hours pr night, 6 out of 7 days, and max 2 naps during daytime if needed.
    week 3 and 4: If the first 2 weeks are going fairly well, I will uppen the goal to 7,5 or 8 hours a night and maybe add in a set bedtime, if im struggeling, ill keep the 7hours.

    I also want to start meditating again, I just barely started to try it out 6 months ago, but fell out of it. My goal is to make it a daily routine, but for august, and beeing a secondary goal, I want to start by 2 times a week, and anything over would just be a bonus. I am doing a guided Moksha meditation.

    My stats are really not relevant for these goals, but as my nutrition and training is pretty much constant, so ill add some anyway, maybe august will show a better trend than last month or two :smile:

    initial stats august 1:
    weight: 64,5kg 142,5
    fat%: skinfold measure on my belly at 14,5mm (has nothing to do with total bf%, just easy to use as a measurement for if im loosing bf.
    Waist: at smallest part, 73,5cm (28,9in)
    hips: 101cm (39,8in)

    thanks tenazhsc for setting this up! :smiley:

  • GabiV125
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    August is here!
    Good luck Vetleani with reclaiming your sleep.
    Until I slept with my Fitbit on I didn’t know why some days I’m beat and some not. Apparently nights with under 2 h of deep sleep, are not making me happy
  • Vetleanni
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    Thank you GabiV125! We will all crush our goals together :smile: 2 hours though!!?And I'm complaining about 6 :cold_sweat::lol:
  • tenazhsc
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    Good Saturday morning! Or afternoon! Looking at you @Vetleanni lol
    August is here! What a great motivated group of people!
    I'll post my stats in a bit but I want to emphasize that this "declare your own challenge" is supposed to be whatever you want that'll challenge you to do something consistently or to take something to the next level.
    So you guys are free to post as much or as little as you're comfortable. We're here to push each other reach our goals.
  • tenazhsc
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    I got out and practiced today despite the heat. I cleared 18 feet in sheaf consistently tonight. That’s a new PR for me. 17’ was my previous best. My PR for weight over bar, also called weight for height is 11’. Today I tried 12’ and came soooo close.

    YES!! indeed. Pardon my ignorance but I wasn't aware this was a thing now I'm very curious to follow your progress and to know how you fair in the competition :)
  • tenazhsc
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    Ok guys here's my official challenge declaration

    I PLEDGE TO do a 10-min jumping rope video 3 times a week and to add one day every week until I do the video 6 times a week

    ✔️ I took front and side pictures

    August 1st
    Weight -245.4
    Fat% -42

    August 1st
    Neck - 16.75
    Chest - 46.375
    Waist - 51
    Hips - 45.5
    Forearm - 15.625
    Bicep - 13.5
    Thigh - 27.75
    Calf - 17.875

    You guys don't have to post measurements if you don't want or they're irrelevant to your challenge.
    I recommend still take them for your own personal record but you don't have to post them.

    On Monday I'll post my plan to do the video 3 times a week.

    I noticed something today. My body is swollen in certain areas. I know this because I take measurement every week and I've been consistently shrinking week over week. There could be two reasons. 1) I did a longer than usual hilly walk on Thursday it could be exercise inflammation and/or 2) I started to drink whey protein yesterday as my protein intake is low when eating at a deficit. And I did drink more fluids yesterday giving my body more water to process the extra protein intake.
    I will have to do more testing and tracking to better understand it.
    However this up tick in weight has set me up for a decent loss in August.
  • fstrickl
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    I’m here! And ready for August!

    1. keep a consistent lights off time of 10:15 PM 6/7 days a week
    2. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water so my pee is almost clear (2-3L a day)
    3. Continue with my exercise program and calorie intake from July.

    ✔️ I took front and side pictures

    August 1st
    Weight - 175.2 lbs
    Fat% - 27% or 34% (two different calculators. 1st was from very well, the other is the US Navy Method, the link provided by @tenazhsc )

    Measurements (in inches)
    August 1st
    Neck - 14.25
    Bust - 42.5
    Waist - 31
    Hips - 43
    Forearm - 10 (right arm)
    Bicep - 12 (right)
    Thigh - 25.25 (right)
    Calf - 15 (right)

    Somehow it makes me laugh that my neck and calf are almost the same. I’ve never thought of that before!

    I know lights off is going to be difficult for me, but I think it will be important for my overall wellness. Guess l’ll find out August 31! Let’s do this everyone 👊🏻
  • debrakgoogins
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    tenazhsc wrote: »
    YES!! indeed. Pardon my ignorance but I wasn't aware this was a thing now I'm very curious to follow your progress and to know how you fair in the competition :)

    The Scottish Highland Games are soooo fun. It’s basically a series of strong (wo)man competitions in a kilt. If you want to know even more about it, you can watch a documentary on Netflix. There is a series called “Home Game”. The second episode is about the Highland Games.
  • Lyallatron
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    Hi I’ll join in. Gonna keep it simple though:

    Minimum 8000 steps a day
    Stick to IF 18:6 window 5 days out of 7
    Always stay under calorie goal
  • msunat97
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    For August, I am doing the Bulk Phase of Body Beast. I have 25 lifting workouts to complete and i will complete my diary each day of the month.

    My current weight is 203
    My goal weight for Sept 1 is 208.

    Let's go hammer this.
  • debrakgoogins
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    msunat97 wrote: »
    Let's go hammer this.

    I took your challenge to heart and practiced hammer throw today!


  • tenazhsc
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    On Monday August 3rd post your plan for the week
    Mon 8/3 - 10 minutes
    Tue 8/4
    Wed 8/5
    Thu 8/6 - 10 minutes
    Fri 8/7
    Sat 8/8 - 10 minutes
    Sun 8/9

    Expected Total 3 times=30 minutes

    Today's workout is done. I had to get up at 430am. Because I have to be at work 2 hours earlier that usual.

    Have a great week everybody!!!!