Mom of 4 with 30+lbs to lose, looking for friends!

It helps me so much to peek at other people’s food diaries and see progress on my timeline. If your food diary is viewable, I’d love if you would add me! 😊😊


  • FlySuperWhoLock
    FlySuperWhoLock Posts: 20 Member
    Hey. I'm always looking for friends go ahead and add me! It's a tough journey we're all in this together.
  • Chris_J99
    Chris_J99 Posts: 175 Member
    Hi 👋
    I have another 35 lbs to go and my diary is open to friends.
    It’s so true. We are all in this together and positive comments and encouragement are free!
    We can do this 💪🏼🎉😁
  • kmsimmons402
    kmsimmons402 Posts: 19 Member
    Added! I’m a mom of 3 under 3. :) I started trying to “get my body back” when my littlest was 4 months old (January) and am down 16lbs so far... about 12 to go!
  • tburgardt
    tburgardt Posts: 62 Member
    I too am a mom of 4 and 40lbs to lose! I'm starting over for the millionth time. I have discovered I can walk my property line for about 20 mins that equals a mile. I also just invested in a stealth plankster. I want to get healthy! Feel free to add. I won't respond to personal messages though, just for anyone that sees this.
  • carleyschofield
    carleyschofield Posts: 3 Member
    Mum of 2 with about 6-8 kilos to lose, if you add me write Mum or something so I know it isn't a random please?