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    When you dump water weight at the beginning of keto it affects electrolytes. That can contribute to leg cramps. You can try just upping salt and eating foods like pickles (that can help with things like keto-related headaches too, that can happen during the adjustment period) or supplement -- something like Nuun electrolyte tablets for runners, which have only 1 g of sugar, could work, and there may be similar ones without any sugar. (You add these to water, and it's like Gatorade without the sugar and cals.)
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    Personally, Keto definitely had its perks. I still had to count calories but I was much more full and satiated without all the carbs. But I just couldn't still to it long-term...trying to lose weight is hard enough without restrictions.
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    I haven't done keto, but I have done low carb diets. I'd say just watch out for making common mistakes, such as eating a high protein, low carb, low fat diet. Try to get as much healthy nutrients as you can. Stir fry's with ground beef and lots of veges can be a good choice. Be sure to get plenty of fats as that is your primary fuel source.

    When I was really active, I wound up evolving to a whole foods diet where I don't really think about "diet" anymore. Just unprocessed organic whole foods. But, keto is popular and I'm sure it can work if done properly. Just be careful if you start getting super tired, consider adding more fats.