Pauline's Power to the Greens Smoothie

VegjoyP Posts: 2,279 Member
Wanted to share a recipe for a really good green drink

Power to the Green's Salad mix (Trader Joes) or other leafy green mix
2 TBSP Avocado
2 oz. Almond Milk
1 tsp Chia seeds
1 tsp. Black Sesame seeds
1 tsp Glucomannan powder (or other fiber)
20 grams Natural Pea Protein (I like Sprouts or NOW brand)

I add in herbs and seasonings- basil, parsley, rosemary, chive, VEG it mix, Himalaya sea salt,
Oregano, Thyme-( these are options or for a chocolate smoothie use chocolate pea protein or cacao powder) then add filtered water to liking. Mix in Nutrabullet or Vitamix :)

Servings- 1
Calories 191

16 gram carbs
8 grams fat
20 grams protein
205% Vitamin A
1 gram sugar
54% Calcium
44 %Iron
103 % Vitamin C
9 grams fiber
166 Potassium