Help! 'WHY' are you losing weight and what's helping you stick to it?

I have an accountability coach and thought my reasons for losing weight were to reach my full potential, look awesome in clothes, meet someone etc. Turns out, none of these reasons are helping me stick to my diet and exercise programme and lose weight and i don't know why. Maybe just no discipline. I have a great plan for food, exercise etc. ugh. Anyway, perhaps my reasons aren't strong enough so would love to hear all of the reasons WHY you are losing weight and what's helping you stick to it.


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    That's a very good question. I lost about 2 stone a couple of years ago and my motivation was purely to look better.

    When times got stressful I put it all back on again as I didn't pay attention to what I was eating.

    I felt I need to change my mentally. I still want to get back into the clothes I bought after loosing weight (down 1st 7lbs so far) My motivation now is to be physically and mentally healthy.

    I have found when I am struggling I break things up into mini goals, and when I have a bad day I remind myself of the importance of logging what I have eaten, this has really helped me to avoid giving up. When I look at my progress for the week or month I can see the improvements I have made to my diet and exercise. Reminding myself of my progress helps me to keep going.

    I struggle to see the changes in my body as I loose weight, which can make it hard to keep motives. I have been known to go to the kitchen and put several items onto a tray (to the value of the weight I have lost) and then I walk around the house carrying it. It helps to remind me of how much i have and lost and also how beneficial it has been to my physical health as the excess weight was putting stress on my body.

    I also look for threads on MFP in areas I am struggling with. Reading the advices and experiences of others reminds me why I am loosing weight and that I am not alone on my journey.
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    Health and mobility problems motivated me to lose the excess weight I'd been packing around for 30 years. Better to head off future problems by keeping weight under control early on, but evidently I'm a slow learner.
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    Your goals do not relate to your lifestyle diet change or your fitness.
    One of my fitness goals is to be stronger and to not be winded when I'm running for a long period of time. I have made little goals to achieve and to build on to those overall goals. For example one way I wanted to be stronger is to be able to do a pull-up without assistance. After I could do one pull up then I changed my goal to be able to do 10 Pull-Ups. Once I was able to do 10 then I up it to 20, so on and so forth..
    To not be winded when running I started with my goal to be able to run a mile Non-Stop. Then I upped it to 2 miles and I upped it to 3 miles etc etc..
    With my diet change I noticed I was eating a lot of junkie and processed foods so my goal was to start making my own food which meant meal prepping. I've meal prep rice and sweet potatoes and cut some vegetables up into smaller pieces like my cauliflower broccoli celery and put it into a bowl in my fridge for the week. Each day I make my chicken from scratch and I have pre bagged 3 1/2 to 5 and 1/2 ounce Raw so it's ready to go and be cooked when I need to cook it. The idea behind doing this is to make sure that I'm getting a well-balanced and nutritious meal with in my day. I want to make sure I have at least three cups of vegetables and a fruit per day. I have a protein goal that I try to hit with either powder or chicken or eggs or something. I eat more complex carbs, with a treat every so often..
    focusing on those things and adapting to them to fit into this new lifestyle helped me to forget about the scale at times. I noticed that my clothes to have fit better over time or have become loose. Really at the end of the day you have to want to change these things in your life to make yourself healthier and then your body will follow. It also helps when you find activities that you truly enjoy doing. If you like hiking biking swimming rollerblading playing a sport do those things.. anything to be active and then make sure that your nutrition is on point. People think that if they just keep their calories low and eat whatever the heck they want that they're going to see what they desire in the mirror and that's not necessarily the case. It's a terrible mindset to have in my most humble opinion
    Good luck! if you need a friend that has an open diary for suggestions I'm available and would love to have you on my journey. I'd love to be on yours.
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    PWR36 wrote: »
    I have an accountability coach and thought my reasons for losing weight were to reach my full potential, look awesome in clothes, meet someone etc. Turns out, none of these reasons are helping me stick to my diet and exercise programme and lose weight and i don't know why. Maybe just no discipline. I have a great plan for food, exercise etc. ugh. Anyway, perhaps my reasons aren't strong enough so would love to hear all of the reasons WHY you are losing weight and what's helping you stick to it.

    I've tried losing weight for those reasons before. Trouble is, there's a fierce little voice deep down that will always pipe up with, 'Screw it, why should I have to lose weight for someone else? Love me as I am!' Vanity never works out in the long term. In the short term, after a break up, perhaps.

    I'm losing weight now because I want to be healthy. I've lost people over the last year and the fear is real.

    I want to lose weight to improve my health. I want to be able to survive Covid if I get it. I want to be healthy so many family and friends don't worry about me.

    On a shallow level, yes, I want to date a hot man and I don't want to be the fat girlfriend. I want to wear pretty clothes that look good on thinner people but not on me. But those sort of things are just fringe benefits. I'm not putting in all this work just for those. The main thing driving my weight loss is my health. It's all about priorities.

    Get the priorities right, and the motivation/discipline will follow. I haven't once gone over my calorie allowance in the last three months because what's driving me is effectively survival. I don't want to die.
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    Number one reason is for my own health. I don’t want to end up with a diabetes diagnosis or wait until things are bad health-wise for my wake up call. Seeing 190 on the scale was my wake up call and when I realized I needed to take control.

    Number two is because my husband and I are trying for a baby and it was important to me to be healthier going into pregnancy.
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    My parents are overweight and they're starting to see joint problems etc but they are still doing better than my husband's parents who are really overweight and can barely walk for half an hour. I don't want to have to worry about that at all. In contrast my godmother who is more health conscious is having a much more active and fulfilled retirement.

    Another motivator is that I have something called ulcerative colitis (a bit like chrons) and I want to keep my health levels as high as possible so that I can deal with any negatives that might arise better. For example osteoporosis is more of a risk factor for me because of it so I strength train and eat good food to help combat this. My husband jokes if I'm on the last rep "come on think of the micro reduction of osteoporosis"
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    I had a daughter and when she was starting to run around realizing I couldn’t keep up
    I thought no more!
    Time to get in shape so I can be here and play with her as she gets older. She just turned 2 last weekend and I have been exercising/working out since sept 2019

    I also don’t want diabetes which runs on my fathers side of family
    I see what it does to people I don’t want it.

    And for my own health so I can be here to watch my daughter grow and go to school, drive a car, go to college, get a job ... I don’t wanna miss that 🙂
    She is the most important treasure in my life now, that’s what will keep me going.
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    My mother's health suffered, even being only moderately overweight. Severe Heart problems, which her mother suffered from, too, recurring kidney infections, asthma and some more. Her weight and health problems made her sit on the couch almost 24/7, which in turn was one of the main reasons she suffered a severe stroke at the beginning of this year, also resulting in the early discovery of lung cancer, which could be successfully removed, fortunately. Recovery will be long and hard, if she ever even fully recovers. I have a boyfriend I want to spend my life with, and I don't want him to suffer watching me go though the same problems. So keeping myself healthy is my top priority, especially keeping my heart healthy through exercise to avoid any hereditary issues. Improving my lifestyle is no guarantee to never suffer from any of my family's health problems, but if it reduces the chances, I'll definately do my best.

    So, I think health is my main reason. Getting stronger and looking better are just fortunate side effects ;)
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    For me, my initial push was walking into a doctor's office and having the doctor tell my dad he had Type 2 diabetes when he's only 50~ish pounds heavier than I am. I'd never been so scared for him in my life! And, I know that I never want to be on the receiving end of that announcement.

    However, what's kept me on this journey since then is imagining the things I want to accomplish with my life. I know that I want to have visible muscles. I know that I want to run a marathon. I know that I want to finish a triathlon. I know that I want to live a healthy, active lifestyle full of good friends and good, nutritious food. While I can do all of those things at a heavier weight (and have been for the past month and a half), it's a lot harder to do when I weigh 272 lbs. So, the simplest solution to getting the life I want is to lose the weight and learn to navigate the stresses of life with things that aren't food.
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    @upoffthemat Never quit. Ever.

    I participate in a couple of groups you might like. One is Guys On A Diet. You don’t have to be a guy.

    The other is Larger Losers. You don’t need to be large. But you will find folks there with chronic health issues.

    If I was a more sophisticated computer user I’d give you the links. Try the search feature, you’ll find your way.
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    Why did I start- at 57 I had many sick friends and relatives- all as a result of being out of shape. Many people I know are taking cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds and/or type 2 diabetes meds. Some are living with severe disease. I knew that if I went to a doctor they would prescribe same for me so I avoided the doctor for like twenty years. But I knew I was a severe illness waiting to happen- maybe heart attack, maybe stroke etc. I was just lucky it didn’t hit.

    I stick to it (not always well or even halfway decently) because I have so much more energy and feel so much better than when I was lugging an extra 100 lbs! So even though I go on and off the wagon, I never let things get too far off.
    Vanity is important, health is important, but I just feel so much better that I don’t want to backslide too badly.

    In short- I feel good at close to goal weight and I feel like crap when too far above it. I don’t want to feel like crap anymore.
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    My best motivation has been the sports I'm participating in - thing is, you have to participate regardless, and then my fitness (or lack thereof) will hold me back and that will push me to improve.

    I'll be frank though - with covid shutting everything down, my motivation flew right out the window. Add in the gyms closing, all my events cancelled, and other life "stuff" that were major life changes, I lost much of what I had gained (well, or lost).

    Events have started back up, and while I decided to take some time off the bike (not fitness related), I did pick up horses again after a nearly 2-decade hiatus. Riding and now going to a couple shows (jumpers) is showing me again that my more-lazy-than-not lifestyle the past six months has done me NO favors.

    Don't get me wrong, I've been a little active - hiking, taking the dog for walks, stuff around the house/yard, etc - but a far cry from what I was doing last winter....and coming out huffing and puffing after one jumper round with muscles reminding me just how out of shape I've gotten has started to give me back my motivation.

    Vanity just doesn't work for me - I want it, I want "my" body back, but that just does not stop me from eating the things or get me out of bed when I'm worn out. My activities/sports do, and competition is a big motivator.
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    I started because I had poor sleep. I couldn't breathe very good and was told I probably had sleep apnea. I lost the first 20lbs very quickly and a lot of the sleep problems I've had have about vanished. I also tired of being too big to buy clothes. I was wearing 5x and 6x shirts and had just bought a size 52in pant. I was embarrassed to tell people I was a marine when I weighed 380 lbs.