Pain with yoga

I am starting to do yoga again after knowing some basics from years before. Im having alot of pain in my hips ( due to weight and post baby) and am looking for some tips or poses to help this. I use an app and online courses, going to a studio now isnt feasible. I find it difficult to do some basic sitting positions even. Anyone ever dealt with this? Thanks.


  • tracybear86
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    Try Yoga with Adriane on YouTube. She is great at giving modifications and positioning advice.
  • CeeBeeSlim
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    I have - also have lower back pain - and researched that there are certain poses I should not do. I was doing Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga and had to stop. The below has been helpful for me - and she has others that may help you. She stays longer in the poses that has been helping me.
  • tmbg1
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    Search Yoga with Adrian hips. She has videos specifically for stretching the hips.
  • AwesomeSquirrel
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    Sitting on a block or a rolled up blanket in seated poses can be a good adjustment, do you use any props at the moment?

    Remember to meet yourself in the moment instead of where you were last time you had an active yoga practice.
  • BelleHastyle
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    I do all my yoga exercises with Adrian on YouTube, he's a great person and helped me a lot.