What do you think🤔 I’ll be able to do with these 🌞

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  • cyaneverfat
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    Grate cheese on?
  • Avidkeo
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    Do you laundry?
  • Diatonic12
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    You did stick the landing. So go ahead and Strike a Pose.

  • ReenieHJ
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    Try to impress random internet strangers?

    I'm impressed. :)
  • Hollis100
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    Paint a wall
    Drive a car
    Serve a meal at a soup kitchen
    Punch a bad guy
    Pat yourself on the back for reaching a fitness goal -- congrats
  • threewins
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    Perform on the Titan Games show. This compares to shows that involve body weight exercises such as jumping, swinging etc.
  • slimgirljo15
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    Put a bowtie on *boom* Chippendale :D
  • kshama2001
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    MaltedTea wrote: »
    Hmmm, with those biceps?

    Your wheelbarrow navigation skills would be top notch, I suspect 🤷🏿‍♀️

    Along those lines, stack firewood.
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    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    Yes, he definitely wants his ego stroked but come on, you gotta admit......he's been doing some work and we don't know his story. So.....maybe he started off as a 100 lb. weakling at the beach getting sand kicked in his face for trying to protect his baby sister. Or maybe he started off as a 750 lb. man who couldn't get out of bed every morning. :) In the meantime, I have a huge old pine tree I'd like removed, maybe OP could come over and push it down.

    (How many disagrees will *this* reply net??) :)
    Is it liberating to whiz through people's posts and click disagree disagree disagree?

    If he was serious about wanting to be an inspiration, he would have told us his story. I wouldn't have been so snarky in my response if he had told us about where he started, what he did, etc. Instead, he's just posting photos of himself posing, looking for compliments.