how much weight did you gain or lose during lockdown?



  • drneglia2014
    drneglia2014 Posts: 2 Member
    Lost in the beginning of the lockdown and then shot up 6 big pounds.
  • LMBelladonna
    LMBelladonna Posts: 71 Member
    I lost six pounds because my husband and I had COVID. :( I ended up with the profound loss of taste/smell so food was not appealing...all better now though!
  • OceanEscape
    OceanEscape Posts: 8 Member
    I gained 10 pounds and am a couple pounds away from losing it all. 😁
  • KetoNewLife
    KetoNewLife Posts: 88 Member
    I lost about 23 pounds during lockdown
  • LuBooLu
    LuBooLu Posts: 12 Member
    Started dieting right when school ended and I'm down about 30 now.
  • Treyy_Millz_7
    Treyy_Millz_7 Posts: 29 Member
    I lost half a stone during lockdown (not my goal) then gained it back after a few weeks back in the gym
    My appetite when training >> my appetite non-training
  • nighthawk584
    nighthawk584 Posts: 1,979 Member
    edited August 2020
    i bike over 20 miles every morning and weight train at home too, so I've been keeping steady... I eat a ton of food with all the training.
  • catmama256
    catmama256 Posts: 38 Member
    About 20 lbs since March
  • MeganD1704
    MeganD1704 Posts: 733 Member
    7 lbs down. We never had a true lockdown though- just some things closed (schools, hair shops, gyms). I still worked everyday at the office.