Time of the month weight gain (Ladies only)

Y’all! I didn’t have a clue weight gain happened during that time of the month. I nearly had a meltdown when I stepped on the scale and it was up over 3lbs! What a major bummer!! I’m 2 days into my cycle and still no loss. How long does it take you ladies to see your weight go back down? I’m thinking I should skip weighing next month when my period is close to showing up.


  • DancingMoosie
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    It may depend on how long you feel bloated. For me, one or two days, then it starts going down again.
  • LeannJeffers
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    For me personally I hold that period weight for at least a week after it's done.
  • sam00xx
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    It starts to go down again for me about a day or two after its gone
  • Orphia
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    My weight goes up when my period starts, drops a little, then stays relatively higher for about half the cycle, then it whooshes back down.

    I'm not afraid to weigh. It's just data.

    If you don't weigh, you don't know these things.

    My weight went up nearly 4 kg this TOM.

    I will have some super-low-weight days to smooth out that daily blip on my trending average line on my weight app chart.
  • Deviette
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    Full disclosure: I don't always have a period as I'm on an implant and that means I skip approximately every other one, however, I still get monthly weight gain as if I was having one.

    For me it normally lasts around a week, partially due to bloating, water retention and the fact that I just eat more during that week (seriously if you look back at my calories in long term, you can tell my period weeks by the ~200kcal daily increase on my 7 day average).

    With weighing I just weigh it and see how it goes. If I'm up, I know why. Personally I'd much rather weigh so that I get that nice "yay" when I suddenly drop a kg overnight. If you like to weigh yourself regularly then I'd keep weighing. That way you know exactly how your weight changes over your cycle, with a couple of months data you can predict when and how your weight will change because of your period.
  • quiksylver296
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    Not only during my period, but also during ovulation. Once you realize it's just water weight, it's no big deal.

    Read this article. Then read it again. Then tuck it away somewhere safe for the next time the scale freaks you out.

  • Cassandraw3
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    My period tends to last 4 days, and my bloating typically drops at the end of my period. Another fun thing about data tracking, you can use it to recognize hunger patterns as well. For me, I get really hungry after ovulation before my period. Then during/after my period, my appetite drops.
  • MeganD1704
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    it stays the entire duration of my flow and then drops off within a day after.
    It can be unsettling= but for me personally its always exactly 5lbs so its easy to know.